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Thread: All my food disappeared!?

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    All my food disappeared!?

    This morning, I finished cooking watermelon cake, peridot cupcakes, and some other 12 hour things. However, the sign popped up saying that I didn't have internet. When I reconnected, all of the food I had baked was gone. Please fix this as I used up a lot of money and wasted food.

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    Food goes missing on my Android pads

    I also have been having the same problem. Food disappearing even when doors are blocked. I have two iPads with sites and do not have this problem...but my two Android 1 a android 5.1.1, and the other a 6.0 are both having food disappearing. I'm not getting ahead if I can't build up food so I'm thinking of shutting Bakery Story down on them. My storm ID on the 5.1.1 is Swimmingly58 Level 21. My ID on the 6.0 is Me5858 and level 22.please help so I do not have to shut them down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaojinWildfire

    The game will usually quick-sell all of your inventory if you block the door to your store. When you block the door, you may not see the customers coming in, but our system will still recognize them walking in and buying your items. When you open your door again, the consumption that took place while your door was blocked catches up, which is why it looks like you instantly lost all of your items.

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    As deekathleen posted blocking the door is not part of the design of the game, so you can experience quick sell glitches if you block your door.
    You should be receiving the coins for the food.
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    Angry Missing food disappearing food

    I had hundreds of thousands Autumn Cake along with other inventory. A week or so ago when I logged in all inventory was gone. I close out of app and use an app stop program that you had suggested before. I Akers all day every day I bake high volume cakes with regular ovens maintain inventory while using any new ovens. It is frustrating it affects my customer satisfaction. I cannot block the door to help build inventory because when I did that previously (years ago) all inventory disappeared when I opened the door. I was told BS is not developed for that to be done.
    I have Uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted

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    Were you away from the game for a long period when your food sold out? If not, you contact Support via support form so an agent can check your game.

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    This happens to me on IOS. I can't tell if it's good or bad.. I do appear to be making the money, regardless. So I guess that's all that matters? > .< Well, I'm always broke so, lol.

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    Contacted support days ago. Still no resolution. Please at least confirm it is being worked on this is very frustrating . Ready to walk away from game entirely.

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