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Thread: Castle Story: Monster Hunts | Gold Troll tokens | How it works

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    Information about the Troll Tokens
    * You can have a max of 120 tokens of silver type ones in inventory.
    * You can have a max of 99 gold tokens in inventory.

    Shield Token - awarded when attacking skunkupines, fangbeasts, dire boars, wisps, aquanthers, blue dire boars, glimmer golems, purle glimmer golems | +Skunkupine Statue | + Unicorn (all the time)

    Staff Tokens - awarded upon defeating dire boars, blue dire boars, Aquanthers and glimmer golems | +Dire boar Statue | Beastbane Display (all of the time) | Unicorn (all the time)

    Sword Tokens - awarded upon defeating fangbeasts, dire boars, Aquanthers and glimmer golems | +Fangbeast Statue | Beastbane Display (all of the time) | Unicorn (all the time) | Royal Dark Unicorn (all the time)

    Gold Troll Tokens - Gold Hunter Trade craft in the Trade Wagon | Princess Lorelei's Fountain (random during hunt) | Beastbane Display (all of the time) | Legendary Trap (see separate post) | Unicorn (all the time) | Troll Camp from The Sleeping Dragon event

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    Information about the Statues

    History of the Statues
    * The 3 monster statues were originally awarded as decoration for completing Season 1.
    * Season 2 saw the return of the statues as a source of drops of specific types of tokens. Once placed on your board they have a 22 hour collection timer on them.
    * In Season 3, the 3 statues became a craft in the Trade Wagon. They were only available as a craft, not a reward from goals. The craft was only available during this season. [This craft is no longer available; it was exclusive to Season 3.] | Skunkupine - 10 gold tokens | Fangbeast - 25 gold tokens | Dire boar - 50 gold tokens
    * The statues have not been available for players as separate crafts or rewards since season 3.

    Drops from Statues:
    Skunkupine Statue: shield tokens (around 5 per collection)
    Fangbeast Statue: sword tokens (around 2 per collection)
    Dire boar Statue: staff tokens (around 1 per collection)

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    Information about Monsters!

    As more seasons of monster hunts have been released, the types and number of monsters is also increasing. This post will help you know where to spawn the different types of monsters in the Glimmerwood!

    Season 11 (released January 2018) also released lots of baby monsters which are available to craft in Ivy's Magic Nursery. There is a separate thread on these babies available in the Hub. With the release of baby monsters, all of these monsters now drop their own milk which is used to craft baby animals.

    Season 13 changed the spawn of the blue dire boar from once a day spawn to multi spawn. Continuing to chop a dead tree will spawn more blue dire boars.

    Further information about Monsters can be found here in this link to the Information Nugget on Beasts

    Monsters available during a Monster Hunt:

    * Purple Glimmer Golem | 90 hits | spawns from all horses, clydesdales, (not horses from Baron's Tent) | multi-spawn | drops shield tokens when defeating and once fully defeated will also drop sword and staff tokens and glimmer fragments.

    * Blue Dire Boar | 30 hits | spawns from a dead tree | possible multi-spawn (changes from season to season) | drops shield tokens when defeating and once fully defeated will also drop sword and staff tokens and normal dire boar drops like boar pelt and boar tusks.

    * Level 5 Jousting Arena GUARANTEED MONSTER SPAWN ONLY DURING A MONSTER HUNT | spawns a random beast at collection - skunkupine, fangbeast, dire boar (they all drop silver tokens once defeated)

    * Season 5 Training Dummy | spawns a fangbeast (not every time)

    * Fangbeasts | 5 hits | spawn from all normal animals (cows, chickens, pigs), Hot Pepper, Carrot, Trees, some Buildings (stable, hatchery, farmhouses), Fangbeast Trap (5 gems), Glimmeregg Bunny, Season 5 Training Dummy (keep checking the Inventory Guide for up to date places of where fangbeasts can spawn from as new items are added which also spawn these monsters. | drops shield tokens when defeating and once fully defeated will also drop sword and staff tokens and normal fangbeast drops like fur, rat tail etc.

    * Lair of Beasts | GUARANTEED MONSTER SPAWN | spawns various monsters - skunkupines, fangbeasts, direboars, trolls. Was a prize from an event and not available for separate purchase.

    * Prison | GUARANTEED MONSTER SPAWN | spawns marmosea

    Season 11 introduced the Glimmer Golem which is now available all the time through chopping rock outcroppings.
    * Glimmer Golem | 10 hits | spawns from rock outcroppings | drops shield tokens during monster hunts and chance of golem milk between events. EXPIRED

    These monsters available during normal game play also drop silver tokens during Monster Hunts.
    * Aquanther | spawn from mermaid related items
    * Marmosea | spawn from cursed reefs mainly, prison
    * Skunkupines
    * Fangbeasts
    * Dire boars
    * Glimmer Golems
    * Wisps | spawn from cloudberry and grand rooted Lillium

    Season specific monster spawns: each season may release a new animal available for crafting in the Trade Wagon. You might need to collect from a farmhouse or cows and pigs to gather tokens specific to that animal.
    * eg, Wyvern - cows, pigs
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    Information about the Wizard's Portal!

    Wizard's Portal (2x2) limit 2 Cannot be sold
    Info: A Resource Building Collect from it to gain Energy.
    Crafted: Trade Wagon, 5 hours - 85 troll token, 20 staff token, 5 lumin essence
    Collection time: 5 hours
    Speed up: 10 gems
    Drops: energy depending on level
    Level 1: craft and place | drops 4 energy
    Level 2: 15 staff token, 20 troll token, 2 spellbound block, 2 spellbound beam | drops 5 energy
    Level 3: 18 staff token, 22 troll token, 4 spellbound block, 4 spellbound beam | drops 6 energy
    Level 4: 20 staff token, 23 troll token, 1 earthen block, 1 earthen beam | drops 7 energy
    Level 5: 22 staff token, 25 troll token, 2 earthen block, 2 earthen beam | drops 8 energy
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    Information from players about strategies and what to craft!
    If you click on the double blue arrow it will take you to the original post where they may be further discussion about that post.

    Quote Originally Posted by federerGOAT View Post
    My results from the one hour boost (less a few minutes at the start when it kept rolling back).

    Beasts killed: 33 golems, 1 blue dire boar, 1 skunkupine.
    Points from beasts: 3156
    Total energy used: 1222 (so got about 22.5% of energy back)
    Gems received: 8x1 gem (could have broke even if one of them was a 3 gem drop)
    Gold tokens: 17

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    General Leaderboard (LB) Information

    * Monster Hunts are often offered with a Leaderboard (LB) challenge.
    * You can read more about this in-game in the Help/FAQ section under the topic 'Royal Games Events'.
    * Mystery Chests - you do not get an actual chest; what you do get is a variety of items that will go to either your inventory (if they're a resource) or if you get points, will go straight to your point total shown on the Leaderboard screen.
    * Prize Chests (at the conclusion of the Leaderboard challenge) are the same. If you rank 1-3, then a pop up screen will show you what you've won.
    * The special event monster usually will spawn from cows and pigs. Royal animals have a guaranteed spawn rate. There is a goal screen to tell you which animals or items to collect from.

    The Leaderboard Challenge
    1. Individual goals/prizes
    -- the number of points you need is linked to your level. You receive items such as traps, crowns, troll tokens, mystery chests (with points, tokens or resources to give you a little boost). I've included a sample table below.

    2. The Shop - gem purchases only
    -- The event Statue - collecting from the statue will give you additional points every couple of hours. It usually has a 2 hour timer and awards 11 points. Post event the statue is decoration only.

    -- Beast Master Boost - this usually costs 10 gems and is active for 1 hour and gives you 2x points on all monsters while you defeat them. This can be helpful if you're only interested in getting all of the individual prizes with minimum energy use.

    3. Beast Master Deliveries
    -- You can get additional points by crafting 3 types of event related items in the Magic Forge. Turn them in for points.
    -- The trades will refresh around every 1-2 minutes, maybe less depending on how many people are turning in points.
    -- Do not leave turning in your points till the last hour - there is so much traffic on the servers that some players get stuck and the trades don't refresh. It's better if you trade them in a few hours prior to the conclusion of the event.
    1. craft 1, 4 hours - 8 event tokens, 5 jewels, 1 enchanter's essence | 40 points
    2. craft 2, 15 minutes - 2 event tokens, 10 wood, 5 iron ore | 15 points
    3. craft 3, 4 hours - 5 event tokens, 1 living wood, 4 silver ore | 30 points

    4. Ranks
    -- once the Leaderboard Challenge has finished, the timer will then show in pending mode while the results are being collated
    -- these ranking levels have been consistent for quite a few LB challenges
    -- it is possible to tie with another player
    -- if you do not participate in the LB component and you have a score of 0, then you still come in last and get 1 trade ticket
    -- only ranks 1 and 2 get the major prize. (We have seen these offered in gem sales post Leaderboard though)
    Rank 1 | MAJOR PRIZE, 20 trade tickets, prize chest (100,000 coins, gold banner)
    Rank 2 | MAJOR PRIZE, 15 trade tickets, prize chest, (50,000 coins, silver banner)
    Rank 3 | 15 trade tickets, prize chest (25,000 coins, bronze banner)
    Rank 4-6 | 10 trade tickets, 1x +25 energy crate
    Rank 7-12 | 5 trade tickets, 1x +25 energy crate
    Rank 13-19 | 5 trade tickets, 1x+10 energy crate
    Rank 20 | 1 trade ticket, 10,000 coins

    Goal numbers will differ for lower, mid and high level games.
    Low Level
    Mid Level
    High Level
    40 40 40 Event monster trap
    75 75 75 Mystery Chest
    150 150 190 1 Troll token
    230 300 380 Mystery Chest
    300 450 570 50 Crowns
    450 685 760 Mystery Chest
    600 915 900 3 Troll tokens
    760 1140 1300 Mystery Chest
    880 1350 1800 150 Crowns
    1140 1750 2300 1 Event Prize
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