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Thread: Gem Confirmation

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    Gem Confirmation

    Just a suggestion..... do you think we could have a warning pop up when you're about to spend gems? Like an "are you sure?" It's too easy to hit and place something before realising you hit the wrong thing

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    please add gem spending confirmation button

    is it possible to ask for adding a confirmation button on gem spending?
    esp in the extra slot adding icon, and spend gem to complete delivering the remaining points?

    its been at least the second curise in a row that i accidentially spend gem to complete.
    both times, i did not even aware how i would had hit the gem button. this time i accidentially spend gem to complete the rest of the points, last cruise, i think i accidentally spend gem to open extra slot.
    both i learnt picking up my phone, might have touch screen when its not yet lock that activate it. playing on to go (on the street), secretely at work / under table might do that effect ...

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    I am surprised that there are only 2 posts here. I am sure we aren't the only ones to have this problem. I am upset that I just accidentally spent 150 Gems on 150,000 coins. I am already rich and had no need for it. I have also spent Gems on accident on the 4th slot of 2 cruises before. PLEASE ADD ARE YOU SURE?

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    I agree I've lost several thousand this way! Can we please fix this?
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