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Thread: Scheduled Maintenance Sunday 11/6/2016

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    Scheduled Maintenance Sunday 11/6/2016

    Our games will be down for maintenance on Sunday, November 6th at 1:50 AM PDT. Expected downtime is ~2 hours.

    Thank you for your patience!

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    Still no way to inform us ahead of time in the app(s) ?????
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    Totally agree with flemlion' why can't you notify us in the games, would be much simpler & also if we've goals/quests we are finishing, gives us a heads up sooner. Thanks Storm8 team!!

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    Ok 1.50am may suit your local users but what about elsewhere in the world where it's prime playing time? And what happens to the bingo challenge I was part way through?

    Edit: And TWO HOURS is not "back in a few minutes" as the splash screen states.

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    Yup. Still downtime here. And it is now 5 50 am

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    Thanks for the maintenance and now I can kiss my quest goodbye. Just spent 9 days on it and can't grow all the food now. Thanks for nothing. Bye bye dragon.

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    There should be a *pause* button.. then all the work and time we put into this would not be wasted...

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    My dragon Story and Fantasy Forest games still won't come up☹️

    UPDATE: Fantasy Forest came back up about 6:50 am EST. I still cannot access Dragon Story.
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    It's a pity when maintenance is carried out in games, particularly dragon story, that the team cannot sort out the constant problem of the game crashing. I've invested, on their advice, in a new device and it has made very little difference. Luckily I'm a patient player and am sticking with game but sadly I'm losing good neighbours who have lost patience. Please S8 sort this persistent problem which affects so many of your loyal players.

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