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Thread: Can't build Morgaine's house

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    Can't build Morgaine's house

    S8 ID: FrostedThings

    I unlocked Morgaine and completed all of the follow-up tasks. After collecting swamp water, I then tried to craft frog's breath. The issue is that frog's breath isn't showing up in any of my crafting buildings, and when I click on "Go" to craft the frog's breath, the market pops up in the "crafting buildings" section. But I already have all of the crafting buildings on my board and ready to go.

    I tried force closing and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still the same issue. Frog's breath still isn't showing up in any of my crafting buildings.

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    You need to place the old cauldron you received as the reward from previous goal. It's in your inventory.

    Closing as not a bug. Come over to discussion forum for any further help

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