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Thread: Please make the halloween items available to purchase in the marketplace!

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    Please make the halloween items available to purchase in the marketplace!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who is more than willing to spend gems to purchase all the fantastic items that have been offered throughout october, both in the barons tent and as drops through the adventures. In fact, I specifically bought gems to spend on items but I've barely made a dent in my stash as the items I want haven't shown up in the barons tent except once. Which means I have no reason to stock up on gems for thanksgiving or christmas etc. as my gems will still be sitting there.

    If, for some odd reason, you want to limit the availability of these items you could put a cap on how many we can purchase, you've already done that with other items and the animals available in the Mythic research center so I doubt players would be too upset about 'only' getting 4 skelecorns or vampire puppies or whatever when it would mean that they get to buy them

    Please take this under consideration.

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    I second! Come on S8 we know you have an appetite for gems..... why not give us a chance to spend them?

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    I would love love love the skelecorn to be available for purchase. I haven't had the luck for it to pop up in the baron's tent yet although I have seen EVERY OTHER Halloween item at least three times. It would also be really nice if there was a chance for EVERY player to see EVERY baron's tent item at least once while it is being offered. Hearing of other kingdoms with multiples when I haven't even had the chance for one is very frustrating. And since I have already used all of my cabbages on a frankencore and a Griffina, I would be spending gems which I think would make you all at S8 very happy.

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