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Thread: Cobra Dragon - 30 round tournament

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    Quote Originally Posted by dailite8 View Post
    I beat Dynasty with Scorpion 10...bbb. Hope it helps someone.
    I tried for 2 days to beat Dynasty. Finally used Little Hero and won.

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    For anyone stuck on the champs, try your diamond hybrids.

    Mercury 10 beat Corrupt Stalwart, Crusader 15 beat Dynasty for me.

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    My poor son can't get past Stalwart, we've been throwing everything he's got at it. Poor guy was going to ultimate it last night (he always asks first) and I told him no, too many champs still waiting for him. He's just given up. I feel for all of you stuck on these dragons, there's got to be a point where we can get past them, like after 10 battles - at least that would be something to work for, knowing you can finally get past each one.

    Thankfully I only have one dragon to beat in the morning. My metal was effective today, that guy is getting some food for sure once tales is over and I save up. Gotta figure out what to throw at the cobra.

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    Well today is the start of day 4 of battling the Corrupt Stalwart. Long list of dragons and in fact looking at the prize I just cannot get into fighting anymore as it is not worth it. It has been awhile since I have struggled against a dragon but over 50 defeats not interested anymore.

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    Following 21 losses to Shaman, Cobra is now sitting in storage. Last battles listed below. Full list here.

    25. Dynasty 20 < Infinity 15 B Lost: 3
    26. Dark Prime Chrono 19 < White Glass 13 mmM (white/blue) Lost: 1
    27. Fruition 19 < RS15 bB Lost: 2
    28. Gold 20 < Prime Eternal 7 Bb (diamond/black)
    29. Shaman 20 < Metal 15 mmB Lost: 21 miserable times
    30. Cobra 20 < RS15 Bb

    Good luck to those still able to go on despite massive losses. It is very frustrating to have 30+ losses to ONE dragon! My record is 34, courtesy of original Stalwart... thanks buddy! I totally understand those who've recently quit the game. I think about joining them at least a few times a week.

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    My internet connection is good, always have been. No other apps "crash" like S8 games...
    Finally, there's no 39th loss to Dynasty. Landworm 10 finally got him with Bb. So freakin relieved. No dragon should take 39 or more tries to beat. I hope it helps anyone stuck on this clown.

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    After a rough time with Dynasty, I was glad to put Fruition down pretty quickly with my Elf (and got a Bingo square for using a green dragon). Not looking forward to facing Shaman, but hopefully since Dynasty gave me such a hard time he'll go down easily. Fingers crossed.
    I want that Cobra Dragon! He's awesome!

    Good Luck to everyone still fighting!

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    I also suggested that it should be auto-win function after losing for example 15 times against same dragon. S8 should listen to players.... Its frustrating when some beat dragon first time battle, and some must try 40 times!

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    It took me two days, but finally Melody beat the Corrupt Stalwart in two blows. It was pink that did it for me.

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    Sharman < metal L13 thanks for that.....
    Pern magic L200 dragons623+
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    Diamond hybrids, Diamond, Valiant, Angel, Crusader, Helios , Quentzal , Gold, astromancer, Mercury , Infinity, Unicorn ,Prism, Dark Angel, Black diamond and others
    Gold producing 10 L10

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