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Thread: Game exceptionally slow/can't connect

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    Red face Game exceptionally slow/can't connect

    When I visit neighbors/other bakeries or when I want to leave a wall message (on my own or other bakeries), the game is exceptionally slow.
    It keeps saying "Progressing" until it loads the other bakeries or their walls. Sometimes, when I'm unlucky, it says it can't connect to the game at all.
    I have restarted my device and the game but it still remains slow. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection.
    Could it be a server problem? I notice a similar problem "Can't Connect" was logged a few days ago too.
    Please advise, thanks.

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    Internet connection and device performance can affect your game. If you're sure it's not your connection, can you check your device to make sure you have plenty of space. Try not to run other apps in the background if your device is lacking resources. Hopefully your games return to normal soon.

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    Question It keeps saying Im not connected

    Hi everyone,
    How is everyone doing? I have shut everything down and BS keeps saying I'm not connected even though I am connected to the Internet. Anyone else having this problem right now?
    Thanks for all help,

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    I've had a lot of problems today too on both devices. Also on Restaurant Story.

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    I am having the same problems with Castle Story. I even tried on mobile data and other networks. This is really getting frustrating.

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    I have the same problem with Farm Story 2, Fantasy Story and Dragon Story 😡

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    Having same problem with bakery story 2 for the last 2 days. Very frustrating.

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    Same across all 3 games I play on two different wifi networks

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    I am having the same problem. I downloaded the game on my husband's iPad and it did the same thing. So, it is not my device. There is a problem with the game.

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