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Thread: New version of Dragon Story with bingo keeps closing

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    Hi excuse typing first ever post. (ANDROID ONLY) I have found the answer ( I think) to Dragon Story closing whether before splash screen or loading or playing game on Android. It had a Octa core processor ONE gb ram 32 rom until they put bingo on all went well. Got phablet for birthday with TWO gb ram 16 GB ROM. I was able to check memory and it uses more than one GB while the game is running. It all comes down to how your type of tablet handles it's memory. So have run Dragon Story for five weeks now had no problems what so ever.

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    Same problem. Seems to be getting worse every time I try to play.

    I was unable to aquire the last dragon in the mine because if I was mining during shutdown,
    I would loose my bombs!! Also have lost much dynamite for expansions for the same reason. My gold and other recent changes and purchases keep disappearing!! Now I can't even log in long enough to compete in any competitions!!!!! Very frustrating. On a side note, how the heck do you "breed a dragon egg" or more than 2 dragons??!!

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    Same problem...very frustrating!!! Getting kicked out of the Dragon Story game all of the time!!! I've spent the last 2hrs reopening the game after getting kicked out trying to complete 1 battle. Arrrrgh!!! Game dies often anyway but since the Bingo/Google Play intro it's been horrific. FIX IT!

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