Can S8 give me back the ability to have all the Royal buildings I had before I sold one back to change it out?

After completing the present Halloween event we were allowed to have another Royal building, the new Haunted Keep.

Why then when I wanted to just swap out my ordinary white Keep for the Queens Court it made me sell yet another Royal building in order to put back either a Queens Court or the White Keep back in my kingdom.

After winning the new Haunted Keep fair and square I should not have had to sell a Royal building in order to change my regular white keep to the Queens Court. please read below.


I did a really stupid thing. When I final leveled up today to final 10 , put the new spooky, cool Keep on my board I decided to change my normal, white Keep to a Queens Court to make a change. I do that from time to time. I sold it back, went to buy the Queens Court and it would not let me...said I had to level up which we all know what that means, I had to sell another royal building off in order to get an everyday Queens Court or Keep back in my kingdom. I did sell a level 10 Royal Manor. That decision was tough but since it is only useful for decoration as it is never used in quests like a jeweler or library, bye-bye. Sniff, sniff 😢