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Thread: Castle Story: 9/29 Update - The Elves | new expansion plot | Elven Outpost | Runes

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    I agree that the new update is fun and exciting BUT the glitches are turning off some players before they give it a chance. Hopefully our concerns will be addressed before player morale takes a hit.

    The biggest concern seems to be those players who have lost their stashes of golden items without intending to send them out. I think the most important pointer until S8 chimes in is for players to NOT check off ANYTHING in the list of items and let the delivery expire the next day IF there is even one item you don't want to lose. You cannot seem to select, for instance, just stone, and send only that item. Once the stone is selected, all the rest of the items will leave your inventory as well even though you did not check them off. That's a huge area of confusion and ticking off a lot of players because it's counter-intuitive. I started this quest thinking that I could simply select which items I wanted to send which seemed to make perfect sense. But, again, that is not the case. You can't send out one or two items.

    Also, what's up with the repetitious items showing up? I have had to grow at least 250 tomatoes in the last few days when I have plenty of other crops. And roast chickens. After I fill an order and am out of roast chickens, I need roast chickens AGAIN for the next delivery. That's annoying. I am burning through huge amounts of energy and have only received 1 gold rune. It seems that gold runes are like spellbound dew. And we all know how players feel about spellbound dew.

    I think this has great potential to be fun and add another dimension to the game, so I hope it doesn't fall by the wayside because players are afraid to even open the outpost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stargaze91 View Post
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    This is a screenshot from the video in castle story in App Store...I have never seen this peacock it new ??
    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    **** NW is that your peacock you've been requesting for ages???
    Wonder if that'll be part of this new quest? (Excitedly rubbing hands together )
    And, BTW, it appears we're having a sword fight with Greselda & she's using magic on us?
    Squeeeeeeeeal!!! ... My PEACOCK! - and it's PURPLE!!! - GIMME! lol

    ....and in other news, I just lost 55 golden eggs in the Outpost, grr. Shoulda known I couldn't make a partial delivery clicking the deliver button only under those items I wanted to send & then click the "deliver" button under the CloudSparrow cuz now it's obvious *that* bird's button should REALLY be named "DELIVER ALL". Dangit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by comeseecomesah View Post
    We should be shown upfront what Rune rewards we get before sending.

    Now what a dilemma.... deliver (without knowing reward) my goods including 42..yes FORTY TWO golden apples, or use 20 gems to refresh that delivery(not knowing if another stupid 1 will replace it) or wait 17 hrs to get that bird outa there with nothing. Hmm let me think. I have plenty of things I can do to while away those hrs lol.

    Reading the above posts about delivery being sent without the deliver button being tapped I'm gona be kinda nervous about my 42 golden apple delivery sitting there for the next 17 hrs 'screams'
    1 of the items needed to be sent along with the 42 golden apples was 2 grits, so I purposely used them on an adventure so they were out of inventory thus making the delivery incomplete and hopefully safe guarding my golden apples, just in case any autosend may have occurred....then I slept peacefully *sigh

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    Up front so nobody misses it and added to post #9 for better visibility:

    WARNING: You cannot do partial trades! If you click on deliver of any of the 6 items and/or the Deliver on the right side of the screen you are agreeing to trade ALL 6 items!

    First post in a while on this thread as I'd been waiting to see the rules before playing. Please all of those who have been burned already don't take this negatively as the only person to blame for the issues so far is S8 with the lack of clarity this was delivered...

    That being said; as the real players of this game(since our goals and S8s are sometimes not aligned) , we as a community need to figure out how to work around the hurdles they place in front of us. I know it's very often tempting to give up on S8 and just stop playing but I think a lot of us are actually more in it for that community and long time game play versus the implementation of event/feature XYZ.

    For this event it appears it is very similar to other games and you should ONLY do a trade IF you carefully weigh all 6 items and how hard they will be to replenish. If any of the items are hard to get and often needed for other tasks simply wait for the next trade no matter how tempted you are to move along.

    This in fact is VERY similar to even CS quests where especially for lower level players or players with low stock of many items, it is VERY advisable to wait for others to go first and see what the steps are and then determine if you should try the event at all… Once you start the event and begin giving away items to accomplish the goals in the event, they are gone forever regardless if you make the final item.(in essence S8 steals them) Thus, you’ve gotta weigh the risk/reward on every event and let any very challenging one pass by no matter how tempting the “carrot” at the end seems.

    I know everyone is ready to start this new expansion right now and start getting the brand new “carrots”, but urge everyone to be patient and treat this as one of the long term goals that you’ll eventually one day be able to achieve.(like sister, sister).

    As for the Dew, unless you want to splurge and buy the Blossom, the only thing worth doing right now is to continue checking Ivy’s every chance you get and slowly get 3 leafs per successful drop… I’ve seen no increased drop rate on flower petals when replenishing the petals I’ve used for other tasks. Again, resist the temptation to use every energy you have to continue harvest flowers after you’ll maxed out the individual petals as the drops are VERY RARE so the energy could be better utilized stocking up on more common materials used in quests/events.

    I know for many/most of us this will greatly slow down achieving things in this new expansion but seems to be the best alternative at this time. Besides, it seems like with the high bar that we’ve been given to even start this quest, S8 will have to continue MOST events going forward without requiring stuff from this expansion. They’ll be spending a lot of time resources already on just working the bugs out of what we have now as well.

    Overall this does help give long term players something to continue on while waiting for future plots to play out and now lets the players coming up through the game from the beginning know that they will have something else to do once they get done with all the other goals along the way.(in addition to the ongoing events).

    (Added this to post #9 on first page for easier reading/reference)
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    Good post netwiz3 I agree completely.

    That being said WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

    I just got two gold runes from what appeared to be a similar trade to others I've done. Didn't keep track of items other than noted red petals, less than 10 and fancy block Most items were just one or a small number.

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    30 gold nugget and i have no idea what i will get in return to know if i want to make such an expensive trade NO WAY!! I like the update but we need to know what we get in the trade updront and cone on lay off the golden items that are so hard to get

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    I haven’t read through the entire thread and only unlocked the outpost last night but the outpost deliveries look like they might work similar to the boardwalk orders in Dream City.

    In that one, you had to fill orders for 9 items within the time limit in order to get balloons with tickets for landmarks inside. And you would only get the reward if you delivered everything in the order. So, it was an all or nothing thing. Completing consecutive boardwalk orders would gradually increase the numbers of balloons (and tickets) you would get. And if you failed to complete orders, it would gradually make the number of balloons rewarded decrease.

    However, I usually only play that game during events and I noticed that after ignoring boardwalk orders for a while, the number of balloons dropped back down to the minimum of 2 and the items requested became a lot easier as well. Such as skillets that could be made in a couple of minutes instead of cabinets that took about half an hour and required 5 parts that you had to make first. Maybe, if we let overly difficult orders expire, it’ll give us easier orders after a while?

    I feel like the quantities here need adjusting though since it sounds like some people are getting requests for dozens of golden apples or nuggets and that’s just unreasonable considering how rare they are as drops. My first 2 orders all had quantities less than 10 but the third order suddenly jumped to 36 corn and 18 feral magic although the other quantities stayed below 10. There were some difficult to make items that took multiple steps in the city game but the quantities requested never went above 5 for any item.

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    Thank you Netwiz3.. that's just how I feel too.
    Before we find our 'hard earned' inventory, totals 0, after months and years collecting.. it's fair to think proceed with caution.

    As Katt said in a former post.. "if there's even only one item you do NOT wish to send.. DO NOT do the exchange and allow it to expire"

    We'll see if we'll be able to have a choice by checking what delivery we wish.. AT A LATER DATE.
    In the meantime... BE CAREFUL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    Yea...I'm pretty much done with this outpost until more info is forthcoming. I guess it will be awhile since it's Sunday & SW will be out of pocket again for a few days. Hopefully, kooky or sourp4tch can find out some answers for us tomorrow.
    I'll keep an eye out to see when someone gets on the forum but no ones around right now.
    I did get confirmation that partial trades do not work. If you send some items prior to completing the entire order, you will lose those items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    I did get confirmation that partial trades do not work. If you send some items prior to completing the entire order, you will lose those items.
    Thanks for the confirmation Kooky Panda! Any way you can edit the first couple of posts to make this clear in the instructions so the players have the best chance to see the rules(if they are on the forum) before running into this problem blindly?

    Thank you for everything you do in all the game forums!
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