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Thread: Castle Story: 9/29 Update - The Elves | new expansion plot | Elven Outpost | Runes

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    Castle Story: 9/29 Update - The Elves | new expansion plot | Elven Outpost | Runes

    The Elves

    Main Storyline. Not timed.
    Goal Pre-requisites: none.

    FOR MORE INFO PLEASE GO TO THE HUB! - Link to the Hub post on the Elven Outpost


    Pictures from ShibuyaCloth: click here

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    I've flagged the invisible outpost with the team. There is a bugs thread to monitor this issue, so please post about this issue there. I will move all related posts to the bugs thread shortly if you're looking for your post.

    Do not post about this issue in this thread please...

    You get a Feather for completing these goals (after step 5). The Feather is what you need for the 'Help a Giant Bird' to expand to the Elven Outpost.
    Spoiler: show
    Ruler: Ivy! What's going on out here? The animals seem particularly unruly today...
    Ivy: I'm not sure. They've been making a ruckus all morning! They're starting to bother the merchants, so I came to see what's going on. But nothing I try seems to work! They just won't calm down...
    Ruler: Don't worry, Ivy. I'm sure we'll figure it out. Let me help you look around. We'll get to the bottom of this!

    Ivy: Thanks for your help! I just wish I knew how to calm them down...
    1. My Chicken Sense Is Tingling
    * Harvest animals 0/10 CHECK (skip 20 gems)
    * Harvest Stables 0/4 EXAMINE (skip 8 gems)
    * Harvest Hatcheries 0/4 SEARCH (skip 8 gems)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: Did you see that? Hey!!! Who goes there?!
    Spoiler: show
    Ivy: You, there! Stop right where you are!
    Ruler: Who is that, Ivy?
    Ivy: I'm not sure, i don't think I've ever seen them before...
    Ruler: Alright, come on out where we can see you. Slowly!
    Adamir: ...
    Ruler: ...Well, that was easy enough!
    Ivy: Whoa, an Elf! I don't think I've seen any Elves around here before...
    Ruler: Who are you? What are you doing here?
    Adamir: S-Sorry! My name is Adamir. I'm afraid I'm in need of help, but... well, it's been quite long since I've seen humans, and ...
    Ruler: It's okay. You're not the first one around here to be wary of us... Why don't you come join us at one of our taverns? You can tell us more over some warm food and refreshing drink.
    Adamir: O-Oh! Ar... yes, that would be very nice! Thank you!

    Ivy: This guy is really weird. "Adamir," huh? Can we trust him? I guess he *looks* harmless enough...
    2. A Stranger In The Wood
    * Visit a level 6 tavern 0/1 GO (skip 20 gems) |upgrade to L6 is 3 Spellbound Beam, 3 Spellbound Block, 20 Truffle, 3 Hearty Stew
    * Serve 3 spicy feasts 0/3 EAT (skip 90 gems)
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Thank you for showing me such kindness! You see--
    Spoiler: show
    Thurston: MY LIEGE!
    Ruler: Whoa! Sir Thurston, what's wrong?
    Thurston: It is most terrible, My Liege! A beast the likes of which I've never seen!
    Ruler: What?! Where?
    Thurston: The foul creature was last spotted tromping about the Glimmerwood!
    Ruler: Okay. You go ahead and gather the knights. I'll grab what swords and armor I can find and meet you at the forest's edge!
    Adamir: ...!

    Sir Thurston: Please hurry, My Liege! 'Tis but a matter of time before that thing roams through the kingdom!
    3. Nasty, Big, Pointy Talons!
    * Rally the knights! 0/10 GO (skip 50 gems) | visit watchtowers or lantern spires
    * Equip longswords 0/5 GIVE (skip 20 gems)
    * Equip light armor 0/5 GIVE (skip 40 gems)
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Thurston: There, My Liege! Can you see it lurking betwixt the trees?
    Spoiler: show
    Nadina (bird): *SCREEEEECH!*
    Ruler: Whoa, that thing is *huge*!!!
    Thurston: I warned you, My Liege!
    Ruler: Alright, knights! Ready your swords!!!
    Thurston: On my mark! FOR THE GLIM--
    Adamir: Wait!!!
    Thurston: What? Stand aside, citizen! We are here to protect you from this monster!
    Adamir: No! Please, lower your weapons! This is no monster!
    Ruler: Huh?
    Adamir: Ah! I know, I know! I am sorry, i should never have left you here!
    Ruler: Wait, Adamir... You know this thing?
    Nadina: *angry glare*
    Adamir: P-Please, calm yourself, Nadina! They mean no disrespect, I am sure! Ah... yes... I am sorry I did not alert you sooner, kind Ruler... This beautiful, majestic creature is Nadina, my Cloudsparrow.
    Thurston: That is no "sparrow", friend. That is an outright terror!
    Nadina: *SCREEECH! *
    Thurston: Eek!
    Adamir: I admit, the Cloudsparrow can be quite the intimidating figure... But, I promise you she is no threat to your people and kingdom!
    Ruler: Okay... I think we'll be the judge of that, in time. Right now, though, she looks pretty aggressive.
    Adamir: My apologies... You see, she's rather upset with me at present... We're on something of an "ambassador" mission, looking to rekindle old alliances. A sudden storm forced us to take an emergency landing. she had to land without a suitable perch, and injured her talon in the process.
    Ruler: I see. Is this the "help" you mentioned earlier?
    Adamir: Yes. I am sorry I didn't clarify things earlier...
    Ruler: It's fine. I'm just glad we got to her before she ran into the kingdom. Sir Thurston, you stay here with Nadina, Adamir, and the knights.
    Thurston: Very well, My Liege! I shall ensure they do no harm to the kingdom!
    Nadina: *glare*
    Thurston: A-And that no harm comes *their* way, either!
    Ruler: Thank you Sir Thurston.
    Adamir: Where are you headed, if I may ask... ?
    Ruler: Luckily for Nadina, we have the perfect person for the job! Ivy's great with animals! She'll be able to fix her right up in no time.

    A Cloudsparrow? No way! I've heard so much about them, but I've never seen one for real! How exciting!!!
    4. A Beauty Or A Beast?
    * Prepare Avian Feasts 0/3 MAKE ( skip 45 gems) | Kitchen, 3 hours - 30 seeds, 3 magic fruit, 5 rat tails
    * Craft Cloth Bandages 0/5 WEAVE (skip 50 gems) | Workshop, 2 hours - 10 wool, 10 sap, 1000 coin
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: Alright, I'm all set! Now take me to the Cloudsparrow!
    Spoiler: show
    Nadina: *glowering*
    Adamir: Just a little while longer, Nadina. Help will be here soon...
    Thurston: Ah! There they are now!
    Ruler: Hey guys! Adamir, you remember Ivy? From the tavern?
    Adamir: Ah, yes! A pleasure to see you again, Miss Ivy.
    Ivy: Hiya, Adamir! And this beg sweetie here must be Nadina?
    Nadina: ...
    Ivy: Aw, she's precious! Here, girl--you hungry?
    Nadina: !!!
    Ivy: Go ahead and dig in! there's more back at my hut. Why don't you follow me on back so we can get your foot cleaned and bandaged?
    Nadina: *croons*!
    Ivy: Good girl! Come on, it's this way!
    Adamir: Wow... Ivy is amazing! I cannot believe she got Nadina to cooperate so easily!
    Ruler: Yup, that's Ivy for you! Let's follow and help Nadina get situated.

    Ivy: Fresh food, clean bandages and a place to rest are the perfect recipe for a healthy Cloudsparrow!
    5. Feathery Friendship
    * Feed Nadina 0/3 GIVE (skip 45 gems)
    * Bandage Nadina's Talon 0/5 WRAP (skip 50 gems)
    * Visit Ivy's Hut 0/1 GO (skip 15 gems)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp, 1 Feather
    Congratulations: Ivy: Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! My roof wo't hold out much longer...

    Spoiler: show
    Ruler: How's Nadina doing, Ivy?
    Ivy: She's the greatest ever! Her feathers are so pretty, and her beak is the strongest I've seen, and--
    Ruler: I was more talking about her foot...
    Ivy: Oh, that! I've got her foot cleaned and bandaged now. It shouldn't be long before she's well enough to fly again!
    Adamir: That's wonderful! Thank you so much for taking care of her, Ivy!
    Ivy: Happy to help!
    Adamir: I suppose, now that things have settled down, I ow you both some answers...
    Ruler: A few, yeah. Should we start with where you and Nadina come from?
    Adamir: Well, the cloud cities, of course!
    Ruler: Wait, the... what? Cloud cities?
    Adamir: I'd hoped you would know of them, though I can't say I'm surprised you do not.
    Ivy: I've heard of them! Well, I'd heard of Cloudsparrows, anyway... Though, I thought they were just stories until the Ruler told me about Nadina.
    Adamir: Well, it's all true! We Elves live in beautiful cities mounted upon the clouds.
    Ruler: Cities in the clouds? How is that even possible?
    Adamir: The Cloudsparrows are naturally able to perch upon the clouds. They inspired us, and we developed a way to imbue buildings with latent magic.
    Ruler: Neat! But, why haven't we ever seen you all, or even heard of you?
    Adamir: Unfortunately, our alliances with other lands fell apart hundred of years ago. I was but an infant, back then!
    Ruler/Ivy thinking: !!! (How old *is* this guy...?!)
    Adamir: Because of that, our Outposts were abandoned and fell into disrepair.
    Ruler: Outposts?
    Adamir: Ah, sorry! We once used them to engage in trade with other lands. I'd hoped to find and repair one, and reconnect my people with our old allies.
    Ruler: Interesting... So there's one nearby? I'd like to learn more about your people!
    Adamir: Yes, there should be!
    Ivy: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go find us an Outpost!

    Adamir: It would be my greatest joy to re-establish one of our old Outposts! I'm told they used to be everywhere...
    1. Past Finder
    * Reach Level 30
    * Find the Elven Outpost 0/1 GO | Expansion requirements: Help a giant bird (get the feather from part 1 goals), 1200 Royal Points, 9 Wisp Lanterns (skip 135 gems), 35,000 Coins
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: There, there! Up in that tree! Hurry, let's take a look around!

    Spoiler: show
    Ivy: Whoa... This place is ancient!
    Adamir: Ah! Watch your footing! This place hasn't been touched in a hundred years... It is truly fascinating!
    Ruler: Fascinating, perhaps, but also dangerous. We should get the place fixed up before we investigate too much further.
    Adamir: Oh... Yes, you are right... I hate to burden you all with such a troublesome task. If you were to help me repair the Outpost, however, I would be much obliged!
    Ruler: Sure, why not? I'd really like to learn more about the Elves, and our history together. This seems like a great opportunity to do just that!
    Ivy: Yeah, and I wanna learn more about the Cloudsparrows! They used the Outposts to roost down here, right?
    Adamir: Yes, they did! They have trouble landing elsewhere.
    Ruler: Sounds like it's settled, then. Let's get to work repairing this Outpost!

    Adamir: Nadina and I are grateful for your assistance, my friends! These are the materials we need...
    1. Elven Restoration
    * Give Adamir royal beams 0/2 GIVE (skip 40 gems)
    * Give Adamir royal blocks 0/2 GIVE (skip 40 gems)
    * Give Adamir architect's paste 0/1 GIVE (skip 30 gems)
    * Give Adamir a lumin essence 0/1 GIVE (skip 10 gems)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Excellent, these will do perfectly!
    Spoiler: show
    Adamir: Wonderful, wonderful! I believe that is everything, my friends!
    Ivy: Woohoo!
    Ruler: Now that we've got all the materials, the repairs should be pretty easy. Let's get to work!

    Adamir: We are so close... I can hardly wait to see what's inside this ancient structure!
    2. The Final Touches
    * Tap the Elven Outpost 0/1 GO
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Complete at last! Come on in, everyone!
    Spoiler: show
    Adamir: Wonderful, wonderful! Come in, my friends!!!
    Ivy: Hey wait up!
    Ruler: He sure seems excited, huh?
    Ivy: Wouldn't you be, too? he said he was a kid when the Elves stopped using the Outposts. He's probably never seen one before...
    Ruler: Hmm...
    Adamir: Hey! What's taking you two so long? Don't you want to see inside?
    Ruler: Sorry, we're coming up now!
    Adamir: It's like nothing I'd ever imagined... !
    Ivy: Wow! This place is filled with all sorts of neat things!
    Ruler: These artifacts must be ancient... I wonder if there are any texts lying around? I bet Old Thomas would jump at the opportunity to read some Elven scrolls!
    Adamir: Oh, all that's alright, I suppose... But, can you believe this *craftsmanship*?!
    Ruler/Ivy: ...?
    Adamir: The fine grain of the wood, the smooth polish of the stone... !
    Ivy: Uh... Yeah, I guess that's pretty neat. You must really like construction, huh?
    Adamir: Yes, very much! It is something of a passion of mine! Erm... S-Sorry, I suppose it's a bit odd...
    Ivy: That's okay! Everyone has their interests. Old Thomas really likes that stuff too, in fact. I bet you'd get along great!
    Ruler: Hey, check these out! They look like... records of some sort? I can't read this language, though. Adamir, can you tell what it says?
    Adamir: Ah! Those are request forms. They details what resources we need back home. It's a long journey, so we gather the materials here for a single delivery.
    Ruler: It's been a really long time. You think they still need this stuff?
    Adamir: We live in the clouds, Kind Ruler! We have neither trees nor mines... save for the occasional drifting mountain peak, of course!
    Ruler: Oh, right. Well, how about we try sending a delivery? You know, as a show of good will, and to let them know the Outpost is open again!
    Adamir: Ah, yes! Wonderful! I'll prepare Nadina right away!!!

    Adamir: Thanks to Ivy, Nadina's foot looks good as new! She's rested up and ready for our very first delivery!
    3. Off And Away!
    * Deliver an outpost request 0/1 GO | Note, you only have to Deliver 1 of the 6 trades.
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Your first delivery has been secured!
    Spoiler: show
    Ruler: All done! ...Wait, why isn't she heading back? Is something wrong?
    Adamir: Oh, no, nothing's wrong! It's just that the journey can be long and treacherous. Because of that, we try to minimize how many trips Nadina makes to the city. Nadina will only return to the city when she's received all six Requests.
    Ruler: Ah, I see! What happens then?
    Adamir: At that point, I will pay you with runes from the Outpost's stores!
    Ruler: Runes? I'm guessing that's a kind of payment?
    Adamir: Yes, in a manner of speaking! We use them so you can acquire the goods and services *you* want, rather than restrict you to a particular item or resource!
    Ruler: Got it. I can't wait to see how many Runes we get from the delivery!

    Info at top of goal
    4. Rune Running
    * Send an Outpost Delivery (Deliver all six Requests and send Nadina off!)
    * Collect Runes from the Elven Outpost (Get Runes when you deliver all six requests!)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp, 8 bronze runes
    Congratulations: Adamir: My people have approved a small gift of a few extra Runes for you. It seems they're eager to resume trade with the Glimmerwood!
    Spoiler: show
    Ivy: Whoa! Was that Nadina? she looks so happy to be flying again!
    Adamir: Yes, she does! It's all thanks to your handiwork, Miss Ivy... Thank you!
    Ivy: Aww shucks, it was nothing! I was happy to help that big ol' sweetie.
    Ruler: Hey, Ivy! Check out these Runes Adamir gave us!
    Ivy: Ooo! They're so pretty! What do they do?
    Ruler: They don't *do* anything. It's a form of currency!
    Ivy: Aww...
    Adamir: Ah! N-Not to worry, Miss Ivy. There are many magical things you can purchase with Runes!
    Ivy: Oh? Like what? Can I see?
    Adamir: Yes, yes! I found the Outpost's old exchange records. These texts list out all of the things you can purchase with your Runes.
    Ivy: Ooo, it even has pictures! so, what'll it be Ruler? What should we buy first?
    Ruler: Oh, um... I'm not too sure... Does anything look interesting to you?
    Ivy: this Elvenite Slab looks pretty! What's it for, Adamir?
    Adamir: Oh! With that, you'll be able mine your own Elvenite! It's a rare resource we use in many of our crafting techniques,
    Ruler: Sounds like it'd be pretty useful to have around here, huh? Alright, sure! Let's give that a try, then.
    Ivy: Hooray!!!

    Adamir: With an Elvenite Slab, you'll be able to mine your own supply of Elvenite, right here in your kingdom!
    5. Resourceful Returns
    * Purchase an elvenite slab 0/1 GET (skip 20 gems) | 8 bronze runes (can be cleared in 10 actions)
    Rewards: 10 gems, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Thank you for your support of the Elves, Kind Ruler. I hope you will enjoy all that my people have to offer you!

    Spoiler: show
    Ruler: Hey there, Adamir! What's up?
    Adamir: Oh, ah... I... I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with the Outpost. Nadina and I truly appreciate the kindness you have shown us.
    Ruler: Our pleasure! We strive to help those in need as much as possible around here.
    Adamir: It's refreshing to hear that, Kind Ruler.
    Ruler: ...Hm? What do you mean?
    I missed a screen here... can someone remember to record it for me please! SW
    Adamir: Ah! Erm... I-It's nothing, don't mind me! I would love to learn more about your people. Might I bother you for a tour?
    Ruler: Oh, sure thing. Right this way!

    Adamir: If I am to be a proper relay between your people and mine, I should do what I can to familiarize myself with your culture!
    1. Le Tour De Glimmerwood
    * Introduce Adamir to the kingdom 0/10 MEET (skip 50 gems)
    * Enjoy a play with Adamir 0/1 WATCH (skip 20 gems) | visit a level 6 Theater
    * Walk Adamir through the gardens 0/1 STROLL (skip 20 gems) | visit a level 6 Conservatory
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Thank yo for showing me around, Kind Ruler. Your kingdom is truly magnificent!
    Spoiler: show
    Ruler: Uh-oh! Cloudsparrow, coming in hot!
    Adamir: Huh? Nadina? I wonder what's--
    Nadina: *screech, screeeeech!*
    Adamir: Ah! C-Calm yourself, please! What's wrong?
    Nadina: *gestures frantically toward the sky*
    Adamir: Oh, dear...
    Ruler: What? What is it, Adamir?
    Adamir: Erm, well... You recall the storm I mentioned earlier?
    Ruler: yeah, sort of. The one that forced you guys to land here?
    Adamir: Yes. I had thought the storm had passed, but it seems to have returned!
    Ruler: Oh... Well, it should calm back down again, right?
    Nadina: *screeeeeeeech!!!*
    Ruler: Uh... I guess not... ?
    Adamir: This storm is like nothing we've seen before. It possesses very odd qualities...Nadina here suspects it may be magical in nature.
    Ruler: I see. We'd better consult an expert, then!
    Adamir: Oh! Miss Ivy, perhaps?
    Ruler: ... I take it you've never seen Ivy when she's brewing potions?
    Adamir: Er... No...

    Adamir: I shall leave it to your judgement then, Kind Ruler. Did you have someone else in mind?
    2. An Expert Opinion
    * Recruit Magic expert | this goal will auto complete if you have Old Thomas' House and have completed the goal, Fashion Police
    * Consult Lady Greselda 0/1 VISIT (skip 15 gems)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda: yes? Do you need something, Young Ruler?
    Spoiler: show
    Greselda: What is it? Can't you see I'm busy dealing with my plants?
    Ruler: Sorry, Lady Greselda. This is something of an emergency.
    Greselda: When is it not? ... Who is this?
    Adamir: Ah! H-Hello, Ma'am! My name is Adamir. I'm an Elf from--
    Greselda: What do you want?
    Adamir: Er, right! Sorry! My Cloudsparrow and I are a good bit worried. You see, there's--
    Greselda: Wait, did you say "Cloudsparrow"?
    Adamir: Ah... Yes... ?
    Greselda: Intriguing... Continue.
    Adamir: Um! Yes! Right. So we're a bit perplexed by a storm brewing--
    Greselda: Yes, I noticed. Quite the nice change of weather, isn't it?
    Adamir: Er... Well... That storm... It has my Cloudsparrow and I troubled. It appeared out of nowhere!
    Greselda: Storm do that fro time to time, you know.
    Adamir: yes, but this one seems... abnormal. We suspect it may be...
    Greselda: ...Magical?
    Adamir: Y-Yes... ?
    Greselda: ...
    Ruler / Adamir ... ?
    Greselda: *rushes off* My peonies... !

    Adamir: Well, she seems... pleasant... ! Where did she go? And what was that about... "peonies," was it?
    3. Peony Predictions
    * Follow Lady Greselda around her garden 0/3 GO (skip 30 gems) | visit Greselda's Dark Garden Maze
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Adamir: Ah, there she is! ...Are all of her plants this terrifying?
    Spoiler: show
    Ruler: ...Lady Greselda? Is everything okay?
    Greselda: No, it isn't. Do you see these flowers?
    Ruler: yeah. What about them?
    Greselda: These are Nimbus Peonies, a rare plant which leans towards saturated clouds.
    Ruler: Oh! Kind of like how sunflowers lean towards the sun?
    Greselda: Indeed. Anyhow, they've been behaving oddly as of late. I had presumed it was simply because of how many storm clouds are about. However, if that storm truly is magical in nature...
    Adamir: Oh! The magical clouds could be what's confusing the peonies?
    Greselda: ...Yes ...Remind me, why are you here in our kingdom?
    Adamir: Ah... W-Well, I'm an Outpost Messenger, from one of the Elven cloud cities.
    Greselda: Never heard of it. In any case, I'd say this supports your suspicions about that storm. As flattered as I am by your acknowledgement of my expertise, Young Ruler I'm afraid I will need an assistant to properly decipher this peculiarity.
    Adamir: Like Miss Ivy?
    Greselda: Yes. She still has much to learn, but...this should be an excellent opportunity to teach her more of the craft...

    Adamir: I might have been able to help, but Lady Greselda doesn't seem to like me much... anyway, I'm sure Ivy would love to lend a hand!
    4. Communing with Clouds
    * Fetch Ivy 0/1 GET (skip 10 gems)
    * Return to Lady Greselda's Castle 0/1 VISIT (skip 15 gems)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp + Reliquary unlocks
    Congratulations: Ivy: A lesson in magic? I can't wait to start!
    Spoiler: show
    Ivy: Hiya, Lady Greselda! I hear you could use a hand with something?
    Greselda: I could. Have the Young Ruler and Adamir filled you in?
    Ivy: Nope, not yet. They just said it had something to do with that storm?
    Greselda: Yes. In short, we suspect it may be magical in nature. We need to determine if this is truly the case, and if so what is causing it.
    Ivy: got it. Hmm... This is tricky...
    Greselda: Indeed. Without an certainty of its nature, we can't create a counter-hex.
    Ivy: Which means we can't charm something to point us in the right direction, either.
    Greselda: What we need is some sort of generic detection mechanism...
    Adamir: ...Like a compass, perhaps?
    Greselda: Yes, that-- ...You are still here?
    Adamir: S-Sorry, I... I just find all of this terribly fascinating, and... Well, I'd like to help, if I can!
    Ivy: Don't worry, Lady Greselda. I can vouch for him! He may be a bit odd and quiet and awkward--
    Adamir: ...
    Ivy: --but he's really nice, and knows a lot about Elf stuff!
    Greselda: I would hope so. He *is* an Elf. In any case, yes. What we need is some kind of... magic compass. Something we can calibrate to point to particular types of magic.
    Ivy: Yeah! That would tell us not only *if* that cloud is magical but also where it's coming from!
    Adamir: I believe I can create something that will help in this regards! Elvenite is particularly sensitive to magic. It's the key ingredient in our magic-infused crafting techniques!
    Greselda: Your point, if you please?
    Adamir: Ah, y-yes, of course! With the proper equipment, I can create an Elvenite Node. The node will point towards the strongest sources of magic! Kind of like you peonies, eh heh...
    Greselda: ...The "proper equipment," you say?
    Adamir: Erm, yes... We would need to construct an Elven Reliquary. You can buy the blueprints for one with Runes.
    Greselda: Those things the Young Ruler gets from your "Outpost", you mean?
    Adamir: y-Yes... Is... that a problem... ?
    Greselda: You will have to ask the Young Ruler. I find it interesting, is all.

    Greselda: Adamir's proposal is the best... well, the ONLY... plan we have, at present. Return here when he has finished creating this "node" of his.
    5. No Ordinary Reliquary
    * Construct an Elven Reliquary 0/1 BUILD | costs 8 runes
    * Acquire Elvenite 0/40 | comes from mines and by chopping elvenite slabs in the Rune Market
    * Forge an Elvenite Node 0/1 CRAFT (skip 15 gems) | Reliquary, 1 hour - 40 elvenite, 10 living wood, 2 enchanter's essence
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda: Ah, I see his work is complete. shall we take a look?
    Spoiler: show

    For this special brew, we will need to combine Adamir's Elvenite with some local Glimmerdust and Earth Wisps. That should point the Elvenite Node in the proper direction...
    6. With Our Magics Combined
    * Collect Glimmerdust 0/20 | ones in inventory count
    * Craft Earth Wisps 0/5 | ones in inventory count
    * Concoct a Glimmerite Elixir 0/1 BREW (skip 200 gems) | Reliquary, 3 hours - 30 elvenite, 20 glimmerdust, 5 earth wisps (speed up is 12 gems)
    * Apply the Glimmerite Elixir 0/1 GIVE
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Greselda: Very good, My Dears! Now, where exactly is our friends' little trinket leading us... ?
    Spoiler: show
    Ivy: Ooo, look! It's working!
    Greselda: Excellent! It seems to be directing us into the Glimmerwood....
    Ivy: Wait... doesn't that mean it could just be pointing to other local magics?
    Greselda: It's possible, yes. However, that will determine the validity of our theory. If the node does not lead us to the source of the storm then the storm is not born of magic.
    Ivy: Ahh, I see! ... But, what then? We'll be out of leads!
    Greselda: Knowing what to *ignore* can be just as useful as knowing what check.
    Ivy: That's true. Alright, Adamir! You ready to venture back into the Glimmerwood?
    Adamir: Ah! yes, I am! But, should we not bring the Ruler with us?
    Greselda: For once, I actually agree with you...

    Ivy: Are you ready, Ruler? It could be dangerous... Make sure you've well for anything!
    7. Storm Chasers
    * Eat a hearty feast 0/1 FEAST (skip 30 gems)
    * Follow the elvenite node 0/1 GO (skip 10 gems)
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: Hmm... I think... we might be lost...
    Spoiler: show
    Ivy: Lady Greselda, are we lost? I don't see anything...
    Greselda: Nor I, Miss Ivy. It seems we may be wrong about this storm after all...
    Ruler: Wait, there! What's that, lodged in the ground?
    Ivy: Huh? That's just a rock, isn't it?
    Adamir: Oh, no! That's no rock, Miss Ivy...Look here, upon its side.
    Ivy: That writing! It matches the text from the Outpost!
    Adamir: Yes! It appears to be an ancient, Elven relic!
    Greselda: An *Elven* relic hm? And just what, my dear Adamir, would an ELVEN relic be doing in the Glimmerwood?
    Adamir: I... I d-don't know! I had nothing to do with this-- honest!
    Greselda: Well, conveniently enough for *you*, it matters not if you're telling the truth. Either way, you're the most likely to know how to resolve this, aren't you?
    Adamir: Y-Yes, I... I suppose... But even I am limited in this regard, Lady Greselda! I wish it were not so, but my knowledge of ancient relics is quite limited.
    Ruler: What about Old Thomas? He might have something in his archives we can reference.
    Greselda: It is worth a look, at least. I propose we consult Old Thomas's records. In the meantime...
    Adamir: Erm... I should brave the storm, and ask around the cloud city... ?
    Greselda: Yes. Scurry on home, Little Elf, and gather all the information you can find. We must be thorough when it comes to magic totems such as this. Especially one powerful enough to create storms *that* severe!

    Greselda: I do not trust that elf, Young Ruler. However, we do not have any choice in the matter--without his aid, we will never learn more about the relic... and these mysterious Elves.
    8. A Turbulent Totem
    * Send an outpost delivery 0/1 SEND (skip 50 gems)
    * Scour the Old Thomas archives 0/3 SEARCH (skip 30 gems)
    Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: Young Ruler, I think I may have found something! ...Wait, where did I put that scroll? Ahh... My apologies, I may need a moment...

    These goals start after Le Tour De Glimmerwood, but before Expert Opinion.
    Spoiler: show
    Adamir: How are you enjoying the Outpost, Kind Ruler?
    Ruler: It's definitely brought new, cool things to the kingdom, that's for sure!
    Adamir: I'm glad you enjoy it!
    Ruler: I did have a question, though.
    Adamir: Oh? is... Something wrong...?
    Ruler: What? No! Not at all! I was just curious about some of these buildings. What are they, exactly?
    Adamir: Ah, I see! Yes, I can explain that! As the Glimmerwood's Ambassador, I'm happy to offer my services as a Spellmason.
    Ruler: A what now?
    Adamir: Sorry! That's what we call craftsmen that employ magic-driven techniques.
    Ruler: I see. So, you're a Spellmason!
    Adamir: Y-Yes, I... I am!
    Ruler: Okay, neat. So, what sorts of things can you make?
    Adamir: All kinds of things! Our most popular crafts, however, are boosts. They're unique spells, which can augment a kingdom's resource production! For example, we can increase a crop's yields, or hasten a workshop's production.
    Ruler: Interesting...
    Adamir: All I need in order to make these things for you is an Apothecary.

    Let me know when you've acquired an Apothecary, and I will be happy to demonstrate this technique for you!
    1. Augmenting Realities
    * Purchase the Apothecary 0/1 BUY | 8 bronze runes
    Rewards: 5 silver runes, 10 bronze runes
    Congratulations: Adamir: I see you have constructed an Apothecary, Kind Ruler! Come, come,melt me show you its wonders!
    Spoiler: show
    Adamir: Welcome to the Apothecary, Kind Ruler!
    Ruler: Cool! Alright, Adamir, show me what you can do!
    Adamir: Gladly! I provided you with enough Runes to make a Fast Worker boost. While active, your Workshops will complete their tasks much faster than normal!
    Ruler: That sounds useful!
    Adamir: Come on inside, and I will show you how it is done!

    I already have everything I need to make one Fast Worker boost for you. All you need to do is say the word, and I will make it for you!
    2. Working Wonders
    * Craft a fast worker boost 0/1 GO
    Rewards: 410 coin, 3 xp
    Congratulations: Your boost in now complete! I hope you find it useful!
    The Fast Worker boost will reduce how long it takes for your Workshops to make items. Craft something while the boost is active to take advantage of its effects!
    3. Crafting Overdrive!
    * Activate the Fast Worker Boost 0/1 ACTIVATE
    * Craft anything in the workshop 0/1 MAKE
    Rewards: 5 silver runes, 4 bronze runes
    Congratulations: I hope you enjoyed the demonstration, Kind Ruler! Here are some extra Runes to get you started towards your next boost!

    End of goal.

    You'll use elvenite for crafting in the Reliquary when you reach that goal. It's used to make elvenite nodes and elvenite elixir.
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    The Glimmerwood!
    Building Requirements:
    The Elven Outpost (available from Level 30) (5x5) limit 1 Cannot be sold or moved
    Build: comes fully built. This building is on your board on the western (left) side.

    Attachment 33742 Attachment 33743

    Items to add to the Inventory Guide: COMPLETE AND IN THE INVENTORY GUIDE.

    Note: If you send some items prior to completing the entire order, you will lose those items. If you don't want to part with even one item in the group, don't tick any of the items. Let the trade expire.

    READ POST 9!
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    Castle Story: 9/29 Update - The Elves

    Ever see a city float? Lift your eyes towards the clouds, and you may be surprised at what you find there! Very rarely, you might catch a glimpse of giant birds gliding about tall, gleaming towers and glistening palaces. Even if you don't believe me, is it not worth a look, just in case? Someone might be waiting for you to find them!

    [==Update requires Level 27+ on Version 1.6, and will be here to stay.==]

    Spoiler: show
    I've been playing a game! Have you figured out this week's answer? The answer is: ELVES
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    Castle Story Version 1.6 is now live! Update your games to receive the new feature and content

    Hope you all enjoy!!!

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    I can't expand there.

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    *****Here's some great instructions for the Outpost by CoCoMom:

    Quote Originally Posted by CocoMom101 View Post
    As I understand it - we know the following:
    #1:If you click on one or more of the 6 items offered they will be removed from your inventory immediately.
    #2:If you click on the Deliver All button (it doesn't say that but it should) all items will be removed from your inventory and delivered immediately, whether you have checked them off individually or not.
    #3:The only way to receive runes is to fill all 6 requested items.
    #4:When a request is made it starts an 18 hr timer - you have 18 hrs to complete the trade, if the timer expires the trade will no longer be valid.
    #5:When you click the Deliver All button - you receive runes immediately - and there is a 4 hr timer established before a new trade appears. In the mean time there is a list of items that will be asked for in the next trade.

    AND -

    #6:If you have one or more items selected for delivery and you let the time expire without clicking on the Deliver All button, the items you selected - that were removed from inventory as per #1 are lost forever and you receive no runes as payment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    I don't have the update in the App Store, SourP4tch
    Nor do we in the UK App Store

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    WARNING: You cannot do partial trades! If you click on deliver of any of the 6 items and/or the Deliver on the right side of the screen you are agreeing to trade ALL 6 items!
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    Up front so nobody misses it:

    WARNING: You cannot do partial trades! If you click on deliver of any of the 6 items and/or the Deliver on the right side of the screen you are agreeing to trade ALL 6 items!

    Now please continue to read below...
    Adding this info from a later post so it's seen early by people starting this event...

    ************************************************** ****************************

    First post in a while on this thread as I'd been waiting to see the rules before playing. Please all of those who have been burned already don't take this negatively as the only person to blame for the issues so far is S8 with the lack of clarity this was delivered...

    That being said; as the real players of this game(since our goals and S8s are sometimes not aligned) , we as a community need to figure out how to work around the hurdles they place in front of us. I know it's very often tempting to give up on S8 and just stop playing but I think a lot of us are actually more in it for that community and long time game play versus the implementation of event/feature XYZ.

    For this event it appears it is very similar to other games and you should ONLY do a trade IF you carefully weigh all 6 items and how hard they will be to replenish. If any of the items are hard to get and often needed for other tasks simply wait for the next trade no matter how tempted you are to move along.

    This in fact is VERY similar to even CS quests where especially for lower level players or players with low stock of many items, it is VERY advisable to wait for others to go first and see what the steps are and then determine if you should try the event at all. Once you start the event and begin giving away items to accomplish the goals in the event, they are gone forever regardless if you make the final item.(in essence S8 steals them) Thus, you've gotta weigh the risk/reward on every event and let any very challenging one pass by no matter how tempting the "carrot" at the end seems.

    I know everyone is ready to start this new expansion right now and start getting the brand new "carrots", but urge everyone to be patient and treat this as one of the long term goals that you'll eventually one day be able to achieve.(like sister, sister).

    As for the Dew, unless you want to splurge and buy the Blossom, the only thing worth doing right now is to continue checking Ivy's every chance you get and slowly get 3 leafs per successful drop. I've seen no increased drop rate on flower petals when replenishing the petals I've used for other tasks. Again, resist the temptation to use every energy you have to continue harvest flowers after you're maxed out the individual petals as the drops are VERY RARE so the energy could be better utilized stocking up on more common materials used in quests/events.

    I know for many/most of us this will greatly slow down achieving things in this new expansion but seems to be the best alternative at this time. Besides, it seems like with the high bar that we've been given to even start this quest, S8 will have to continue MOST events going forward without requiring stuff from this expansion. They'll be spending a lot of time resources already on just working the bugs out of what we have now as well.

    Overall this does help give long term players something to continue on while waiting for future plots to play out and now lets the players coming up through the game from the beginning know that they will have something else to do once they get done with all the other goals along the way.(in addition to the ongoing events).
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    Yep, keep refreshing the update page in the App Nothing

    That would be payback, right,

    It's pretty sad when you have the forum open in one place(on the business IPad Pro) & the game or App Store on my iPad.
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