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Thread: Castle Story: 9/29 Update - The Elves | new expansion plot | Elven Outpost | Runes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    Wow you're lucky. My bird almost never wants common stuff, she's always asking for 41 gold nuggets or 6 spellbound beams, 6 sweet feasts or 46 skunkupies. If she ever asks for common stuff like strawberry she'd want a huge amount like 80.

    I wonder if the requirements correlate with your level and your inventory. I notice the more I have of something the higher the requirement. Like when I have 99 mysterious venoms she'd ask for 46. If I send them, the next time she'd ask for 30 or so because now I only have 50's.

    Maybe I should stop stocking up on stuff. Having 99 of everything will just get me punished it feels like.

    Edit: right now the bird is asking me for, among other things, 24 purple hides, 30 truffles, 85 strawberries, etc. It took me ages to collect purple hides and even though I don't know what to use them for I'm not giving them up. Anyone else like me? Lol
    Same - I never give up adamant ( almost never use it - I think game has asked it for TWICE in all history) - but i'm NOT giving up rarest material which is so hard to get. Especially if Bird asks for like 80 of it. Has anyone else been wondering what are the elves up too? Trying to weaken us before declaring war on us?

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    oh t hsi time she was 6 mushroom caps, 3 mushroom beams & 27 builder's paste.
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    Today mine wanted 13 gold nuggets, no way.....
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    Does the harvest champion boost also double the money you make off the crops or only the amount of crops you get??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goobzer View Post
    Does the harvest champion boost also double the money you make off the crops or only the amount of crops you get??
    Hi, welcome to the forum! No, it doesn't give double money. Here's a copy of a post to the same question with extra info

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessCupOButter View Post
    Unfortunately no. The harvest boost does not double the amount of coins dropped during harvesting. Several players tested that out during the first set of mermaid goals. However, it does double the amount of whaterever is being harvested, plus any special drops. (So if a dark plant drops while harvesting felloras, those will be doubled, which is helpful for those working on 'sister, sister') I believe I read a post earlier that the dark pollen drops were doubled (I'm not there yet....still trying to get enough storm water to craft the necklace. ) And any energy return is also doubled while the boost is active. So it's still a pretty helpful little boost.

    For high coin drops, don't forget the little fairy houses, fairy bulbs, the cathedral, and the forgotten roost. They all drop 2k+ coins. Well worth the energy imo.

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    Is there a limit to how many items u can buy with gold runes? I have 3 rainbow Ali?s ,the gold slot in rune market is now empty..(no building either)

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    Looking again all still there if I swipe across in ?all? tab ,just missing from the gold tab

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    She’s asking for I believe are mushroom tops. What are they and how do I get them?

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