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Thread: ** Add me: Only for "X Marks The Spot" event **

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    Nov 2014
    Feel free to invite me. User name is lady peridot, kingdom is Vervain. I'm not much of a visitor, but I do respond to all material requests. I'm in EST and usually check in/play at least 3-4 times/day

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    Feb 2014
    Removed to give others more chance as I have plenty now!
    Last edited by idrispad; 09-27-16 at 02:01 AM.

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    Jan 2016
    Thanks to all my new neighbours.
    I will answer to your request !

    But from now on, I am sorry to say I cannot add any new neighbours :-(
    Last edited by Inachis2V; 09-26-16 at 10:18 PM. Reason: I got 51 new neighbours in a few hours !

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    Level 50, play daily. Add me @ therealseal1. I Always reply to requests for help!

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    - ID is DragonThruTime
    - Level 50
    - I rarely visit. If I do, I don't state I have done so on your wall. No need to let me know if you visit daily.
    - Often forget to read my wall although I'm trying to improve on that. It's hit and miss.
    - I answer all requests when notification appears in my news. I play several times a day and gift in the order received.
    - My time zone is Atlantic.
    - I will not delete you after this event but if you wish to delete me, there will be no hard feelings.

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    Hi (:

    ★ my working acct is seisurreal

    ★ add me if you need Nbr help (: ty

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    Feel free to add me too! Ncas17
    I play several times a day and always accept requests

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    My ID is alyvosters My kingdom name is Vosters and I'm on level 39, almost 40. Thanks for adding me. I play daily and respond to requests. I'm in CST too.

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    ID: goblackcat KINGDOM: Argonaut
    LEVEL: 46. I have only 4 neighbors and 3 of them don't play anymore. I play this game as a STRESS RELIEVER, but lately it has become too stressful to play the events because of the ridiculous request to ask neighbors for something close to the end of it. I've already invested too much to just quit now, but I don't want to use 80 plus gems to skip it like I did in the last event. This may be my last event if changes aren't made soon. Thank you for adding me for this event.

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    Feel free to add me for this event. My ID is LadyAlieena, and my kingdom is Trakia. I play every day, unless work or no internet gets in the way. �� I will not delete anybody, and will answer requests for whatever�� But I am not a frequent visitor to neighbors, or good at leaving messages. I am at level 50.

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