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Thread: ** Add me: Only for "X Marks The Spot" event **

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    Really need some new friends as apparently 99% of mine have gone inactive. My ID is Parasurge and my kingdom name is Polaris. I do play usually everyday so please if you have a chance add me.

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    Hi! Please add me - K0s4ka - kingdom is Nashville. Level 50 daily player and I respond to all requests ��

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    Please add me, espacio1981, i play every day

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    My ID is sookiebooks and kingdom name is Little. I am looking for neighbors that are active. Most of my neighbors are no longer active. I play everyday and have been playing for 3 years. I'm level 50 player. I won't delete after event.

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    Please add me!!! Need new ACTIVE neighbors. Been waiting for 2 days to fill the 20 neighbor requests : (
    My id is dragonhold919. Thanks!!!

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    Hi! Late here but feel free to add. My storm Id is maz3girl and my kingdom name is Claireville. I play every day and approve all requests. I won't delete after the event.

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    Please add me storm is jtwool. Level 50 player. Play everyday & you do not need to delete me after event.

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