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Thread: Jeweler Level 5 dropped to level 1?

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    Jeweler Level 5 dropped to level 1?

    Why does my level 5 jeweler drop to level 1 during events?

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    are you sure you don't have more than 1 jeweler?? If you're positive it's reverted downwards, you will need to email Support for assistance with this issue.

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    This game is very unstable & it appears that the developers are unable to access logs or backups to make things right. Now that all makes me wonder how secure our information/payment data is.

    During the X Marks the spot event, I made my 1st visit to my Level 5 Jeweler. When I went to make my 2nd visit to the Level 5 Jeweler, I found that it had been lowered to level 1. So I sent a ticket in after my 1st visit to the Level 5 Jeweler. Blah blah blah sent back about too many tickets to deal with etc. So I went back & upgraded the Jeweler to level 5 again, since it was clear they were not going to get to it any time soon.

    Now I get a response that I just need to go to the Level 5 Jeweler to complete that part of the quest. When I point out that I did not wait for them to respond & just upgraded it again, the response now is that there is no record that I had a Level 5 Jeweler. So, in conclusion, S8 does not adequately maintain data logs or they are unable or unwilling to access them to maintain game integrity. How do these folks think that a Level 5 Jeweler was accessed the 1st time?

    Now we have the latest update that has broken obvious things like missing Kingdom Names in the News Section. But who knows what else is broken or missing from our inventory including building levels. A little advice, first do no harm. Secondly, since you are obviously using your customers to debug your systems, listen to them, access your data logs & figure out what is broken. When people are spending real money to purchase gems to advance in the game, the integrity of their game needs to remain in tact.

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