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Thread: Is it just a myth or.....??

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    1 defenitly not!
    But... maybe it's a feeling... maybe luck
    My level 9 brings much more 5000 food on 2nd account then my level 10 on main account.
    I get more 5000's when my foodstock is 1.000.000 or higher (as most of the time on 2nd account...)

    2 no

    3 no Against a common, a common has same changes as an ultra IF they have same gems and level. But it depends on much more then rarity...

    4 no I had an account at 4 and another at 1, no differences over longer time...

    5 no

    6 no

    7 no

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagarjag View Post

    @ Besides, there has to be some random island variation inbuild...otherwise how would u explain that, some players wins tournament after tournament almost exclusively with fire or Air??
    I have wondered about this, if some players have a randomly stong dragon that defies the given (and usually very reliable) odds. A couple people have reported that their Playful Dragon is virtually unbeatable, while mine can't fight his way out of a paper bag. I've never heard of anyone using a common dragon in that way, and my results with commons have matched the very low odds given for them . Every dragon in the game does have at least a 10% chance of beating any opponent. That's the lowest % possible, so it means any dragon can win- it may not be likely, but it is possible. It's all about odds and probability.

    (an aside: I took an odds and probability course in college and my professor was a gambling addict. All his lectures included giant playing cards, thorough instructions on how to choose the best games to play in a casino, and sometimes long, very impassioned diatribes about Atlantic City casinos.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jagarjag View Post
    There are some aspects of the game that, after all these years, I am still unsure about. I know S8's answer to these querries, but I also know that player's experience differ considerably from the official explanation and often there happen things that goes against any rational logics. it just a myth or really:

    1. "Magic dragon brings back more food from the crop-quest when it is level 10 than when it is lvl 6".

    2. "It is possible to manipulate spin-the-wheel by shifting it to the right/left a few places or by spinning it counter-clockwise".

    3. "Non-breedable dragons are better fighter than breedable ones".

    4. "Social ratings influence the breeding outcomes".

    5. " Dragon's rarity/ level influence the breeding outcomes".

    6. "Breedable dragons gives better outcome than non-breedable dragons when used as parents". (By better outcomes I mean either they give fewer common fails or they don't cough up the same fail again and again and again....)

    7. "Non-breedable dragons gives better outcome when they are at lower level (>7) than when they are at higher levels".

    Looking forward to a lively and interesting discussion. Every one is welcomed to share his/her experience and thoughts.
    from my about 4 years playing (less for my baby account )
    1. no : high level and low level magic are same

    2. never tried to do that LOL

    3. i don't think so but from my experience, super rare and ultra rare got critical hit more often

    4-5-6-7 : no for all of them but i noticed that when you got mojo in breeding, you got it during 2-3 days
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    1: Nope

    2: Never tried it, takes more than enough effort to get the wheel spinning in the first place. But if Elsa says 'Nope', I must say the same

    3: I wouldn't know. I always use my level 15 commons (Fire, Forest, Air, Water and Light), sometimes backed-up by Diamond(15) and Dame of Darkness(14). I've used my commons for fighting since the beginning, they are still doing pretty good. There are several links in my signature to the latest tournaments, they tell it all

    4, 5, 6 and 7: Nope

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