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Thread: High level players issues farming & perks

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    High level players issues farming & perks

    I'm level 160, even after a year break because of food supply in the game. I literally stopped wasting the time to collect money after 20 million. Lets face it, they just aren't going to give us a reason for more then that. That's why Im here. At most every 5 hours we can only farm 5600 food. We've been your most loyal customers & what fun it is for us, to have 100+ dragons (I only keep one of each, even diamond dragons) and every 5 hours we can only feed a level 8 dragon once, maybe.
    You give us higher quest requirements but you strap us with the same limitations that a low or middle level person has. WE NEED MORE FARMS or at least an option that allows us to collect like 1500 apples at a time. Maybe an 8 hour for 150k-200k for 1500 apples? I literally have NO use to collect any coin to maintain 20 million but maybe every other day.
    Let us trade like a million gold for a gem. Give us some reason to make us feel like we're actually moving forward in our farms. Do the land expansion event again. Im maxed out on minning too. Let us spend our money on expending, let us buy maps..

    Point is, give us something to spend coin on that will actually make it feel like we're progressing our farms!!! PLEASE!!

    maybe I'm the only higher level person who thinks this, but I doubt it.

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    You're definitely not the only one who wishes for more productive farmin options.

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    Yes i agree with you 100% alekzandrea. I'm at 50 million and its just sitting there collecting and growing for naught....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly_10 View Post
    Yes i agree with you 100% alekzandrea. I'm at 50 million and its just sitting there collecting and growing for naught....
    97million and agree with you completely. Frustrating to collect for 8 days for enough food to feed my level 14 RS once!
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    Agree with the above. I had billions of coins literally and they went backwards whenever I collected from habitats, and I was getting pop ups saying that I didn't have enough coins so S8 had to remove a few billion so I could play properly. Shame everything is all about buying gold now. Events and breeding are much more difficult but the ability to generate more food has not increased.

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    I totally agree. We need a better, more productive way to grow food. The amount of food that can be grown is completely out of balance with the amount needed. I'm only level 118 and the amount of time it takes to grow enough food to Epic just one dragon is already a huge problem, a problem that is killing my interest in the game.

    The small amounts of food are so far offbase, I wonder if any of the developers even play the game. Including 15,000 food in a $15 offer is downright insulting. That's 3 bites of food for most dragons, if that. Cheshire takes 12,500 per bite at level 9, and I have many dragons that need 5600 per bite at level 8 (most of them are stuck at level 8 and have been for months- and I'm not looking forward to seeing how much levels 9+ are going to take). Being unable to move forward at a reasonable pace in the game is very depressing and off-putting. It feels like I am always failing at something in DS.

    Then, they dump a Dragon Tales on us every 3 weeks that takes 400,000 food if you want to complete it. It's ridiculous. Dragon Tales hold no interest for me anymore becuase I'd rather use my hard-grown food to level up my Champions- and any of the other dragons I like and actually want to level up. Plus, the price of buying food for gold is utterly absurd. I bet the only players who ever buy food are the ones who do it by mistake, when they fall victim to a gold trap.

    I'm still pretty much coin-poor at my level, so I can't comment on the coin situation the higher level players face. But, being able to buy food for coins seems like a very reasonable idea to me (and it won't effect the 'game economy' since I highly doubt many players are actually buying food for gold, anyways).
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    I'm just about to hit level 180 after 13 months in the game. I agree the food production needs an overhaul of some sort. I'm sitting on 50 million coins and no longer collect coins unless I drop below 50 million.

    Space, however, is a bigger concern than food for me. I have very few expansions left to go now and keep hoping there will be more land available soon. I don't care if it mining or not, I just need space!

    I'd like to take more dragons to level 15, but with the increased frequency of Dragon Tales, that is proving a challenge. I don't have the time availability to grow the short duration crops and I suspect many others don't either. So 5 hour Diamondates it is.
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    Agree! I'm at Level 145 with a bit over 33 million coins. I only collect coins once a day because it's pointless to get more. I used to buy Value packs, both for the food and the dragons, but stopped about a month ago. Why should I buy dragons that I don't really need because of the space and food requirements? Most of my new dragons come from events.

    The only Level 15 dragons i have are RS, Warrior Queen, Diamond and Fire. The only ones I plan to raise to Epic are Forest, Air, Water, and Prime Arcane. Those will suffice for battles. Once i've reached those goals I will only level Tales dragons to meet requirements. All new dragons after that are staying at 4. In the event that I run out of dragons to evolve, I will feed dragons only to evolve for bombs or points in an event.

    The ability to grow greater quantities of food and being able to spend large amounts of coins on food, maps, gold, and land would be excellent motivators to raise more dragons to higher levels, collect as many dragons as possible and buy higher yield habitats. The way things are now, there's no reason for me to do any of those things. Unless it changes, my island will grow only with level 4 dragons living on cheap, basic habitats.

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    I have over 30 million coins, and I dont even really understand why I keep collecting from my dragons. The only good way to acquire food is via upgrapes, if you're planning on sitting there for hours on end, or rushrooms which yield better returns than diamondates- which I only plant before going to bed.
    The food costs are absolutely ridiculous. 15,000 food just to feed my level 10 dragon ONCE?! And they expect us to level up dragons for the Dragon Tales events to like level 14???? It's utterly absurd. Nevermind trying to get us to buy food- this is pure extortion. Lets say I crack and buy a whole whack of food for like thirty bucks. Guess where it's all going to go? To feed one dragon maybe three times. Inexcusable. It's been something like three or four years since they introduced the enchanted farms, we need another upgrade. We don't need more farms because space is limited as it is- but an upgrade to help leverage the food costs is more than overdue. At this rate I'll never have anymore than like two level 15 dragons, and that will be at the cost of being able to win the Dragon Tales. Which I could only win if I stockpiled for the entire time between events -_-;;

    The farms need a serious upgrade, and fast.

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    Yep. What to do with all the money I have, and can't we produce more food, faster? At level 138, I have $117 million, and can't produce enough food to both save for Dragon Tales events and level up more than 3-4 dragons to a mid level each month. I spend $26,000 x 7 for food every hour as often as I can. I understand not making it EASY for us, but we need to be able to achieve the new feeding levels.

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