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    • From market
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    From market...
    Skunk (2016)

    Pink Skunk (2018)
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    Domesticated Turkey (2017)

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    Sugar Gliders
    • From market

    From market...

    Vanilla Sugar Glider (2017)

    Chocolate Sugar Glider (2017)
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    Available at level 15
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    Baby Blue Elephant (2017)

    From tree house...

    Elephant (2018)

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    Candid moments and funny stories of our pets

    These are the candid moments and funny stories of our pets, shared by members. Our pets are simply hilarious!! I hope you would enjoy them as much as I did!

    Please feel free to post in this thread and share these moments with us. I'll keep adding when I see more. Stay tuned...

    Quote Originally Posted by bexiboo2
    I placed it on my farm excited to see it settle in with new friends, but the poor chick looked startled by the view!!

    In other news fox was dancing with delight at the prospect of a little chick to 'befriend' !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandybellee
    Meanwhile on my farm, yellow chick is winking at the chocolate chick. What are they up to? Some kind of mischief, no doubt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasendaminha
    Brown chick... "The fox is back AGAIN!!"...
    Brave yellow chick... " it's ok .... I will protect you!!... Lets hug ��"

    Quote Originally Posted by dizzle507
    One of my dogs decided to go swimming.

    A hungry foal looking for food...
    Quote Originally Posted by cops2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Fasendaminha
    Hooohooo baby horse is here!!!
    Would like to announce the arrival of baby horse.... Mummy and baby are getting to know each other and clearly have bonded ������ lol

    Pets planning a coup? Poor Sandybellee!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandybellee View Post
    My pets are proving to be a good distraction - I discovered they are holding secret meetings in the far corner of the farm behind a windmill. I have surveillance evidence as you can see. Those easter chicks have been troublemakers from the start, I tell you!

    Quote Originally Posted by kit10deuce View Post
    I think they're conspiring against my elephant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fairyreserve View Post
    I've got a serious pile up goin', here. Bambi, Flower, Dumbo, Donner, Bolt, and underneath them all somewhere is my guinea pig.
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    • From market

    From market...

    Jed Bird (2018)

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    Events Prize Pets
    Year 2014
    • Easter 2014
    • FS2 1st Birthday
    • Carnival Event
    • Luau Festival Event
    • Fall Harvest World Event
    • Halloween 2014
    • Thanksgiving Parade Event
    • Christmas 2014

    Easter 2014
    Cottontail Corgi

    Easter Kitty

    FS2 1st Birthday
    Birthday Party Cat

    Carnival Event
    Carousel Pony

    Luau Festival Event
    Surfer Dog
    Hula Cat

    Fall Harvest World Event
    Farmer's Cat

    Halloween 2014
    Hot Dog

    Thanksgiving Parade Event
    Pilgrim Dog
    Pilgrim Cat

    Christmas 2014

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    Events Prize Pets
    Year 2015
    • Chinese New Year 2015
    • Valentine 2015
    • Easter 2015
    • Spring Blossom Event
    • May Flower Event
    • FS2 2nd Birthday
    • Sweet Retreat Event
    • Pool Party Event
    • County Fair
    • Renaissance World Event
    • Halloween Spooktacular Event
    • Purrfect Quest Event
    • Thanksgiving Fair
    • Holiday Harvest World Event

    Chinese New Year 2015
    Sheep Dog

    Valentine 2015
    Valentine's Puppy
    Cupid Cat

    Easter 2015
    Bow-Tie Bunny
    Spring Bunny

    Spring Blossom Event
    Spring Fawn

    May Flower Event
    Teacup Pig

    FS2 2nd Birthday
    Birthday Bulldog
    Birthday Goat

    Pool Party Event
    Swimming Turtle

    County Fair
    Prize Piggy

    Renaissance World Event
    Knight's Pony

    Halloween Spooktacular Event
    Spooky Bulldog
    Pet Ghost

    Purrfect Quest Event
    Shorthair Kitten

    Thanksgiving Fair
    Thankful Cat

    Holiday Harvest World Event
    Baby Reindeer

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    Events & Quests Prize Pets
    Year 2016
    • New Year Fair
    • Valentine's Day Event
    • Wedding Catering Event
    • St. Patrick's Day Event
    • Easter Egg Hunt Event
    • Spring World Event
    • May Flowers Event
    • Blossom Fawn Quest (1st quest with prize pet)
    • Farm Story 2 3rd Birthday
    • Summer Tiki Event
    • Purrfect Quest 2016
    • Camping Quest
    • Autumn County Fair
    • Halloween Quest
    • Trade and Treat Event
    • Farm Election Event
    • Thanksgiving Parade Event
    • Thanksgiving County Fair
    • Ducks Leaderboard Event
    • Winter Collection Event
    • Winter Wonderland Event

    New Year Fair
    New Year Cat
    Valentine's Day Event

    Wedding Catering Event
    Bride and Groom

    St. Patrick's Day Event
    Lucky Pony

    Easter Egg Hunt Event
    Chocolate Chick

    Spring World Event

    May Flowers Event
    Spring Skunk

    Blossom Fawn Quest
    Blossom Fawn

    Farm Story 2 3rd Birthday
    Birthday Kitten
    Birthday Puppy

    Summer Tiki Event
    Pineapple Turtle

    Purrfect Quest 2016
    Bombay Kitten

    2016 Summer Games County Fair
    Synchronized Setters

    Camping Quest
    Bear Cub

    Autumn County Fair
    Autumn Pony

    Halloween Quest
    Haunted Husky

    Trade and Treat Event
    Vampire Bunny
    Sweet Spirit

    Farm Election Event
    Election Pony

    Thanksgiving Parade Event
    Baby Turkey

    Thanksgiving County Fair

    Ducks Leaderboard Event
    Mama duck and ducklings

    Winter Collection Event
    Polar Bear Cub

    Winter Wonderland Event
    Gingerbread Pony
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    Events & Quests Prize Pets
    Year 2017
    • Arctic Fox Event
    • Unicorn Leaderboard Event
    • Groundhog Day Quest Event
    • Valentine Collection Event
    • Lovebirds Leaderboard Event
    • Mardi Gras County Fair
    • St. Patrick's Day Event
    • Easter 2017 Event
    • Country Wedding Fair
    • Rainy Days Fair
    • Kitty Rescue Event
    • Farmer's Market County Fair
    • Revenge of the Mummy Dog Fair
    • Beaver Quest
    • Turkey Race
    • Spun Sugar Glider Quest
    • The White Elephant

    Arctic Fox Event
    Arctic Fox

    Unicorn Leaderboard Event
    Unicorn Foal

    Groundhog Day Quest Event

    Valentine Collection Event
    V-Day Teddy Bear

    Lovebirds Leaderboard Event
    White Lovebird
    Pink Lovebird

    Mardi Gras County Fair
    Mardi Gras Gator

    St. Patrick's Day Event
    Lucky Setters

    Easter 2017 Event
    Chocolate Bunny

    Country Wedding
    Bride and Groom

    Rainy Days Fair
    Rainy Days Pony

    Farmer's Market County Fair
    Farmer's Cat

    Kitty Rescue Event
    Fluffy Kitten, Siamese Kitten, Bombay Kitten

    Revenge of the Mummy Dog Fair
    Witch Cat
    Mummy Dog

    Wight Husky Event
    Haunted Husky, Cursed Husky, Unearthly Husky

    Beaver Quest

    Turkey Race
    Heritage Turkey

    Spun Sugar Glider Quest
    Sugar Glider

    The White Elephant
    Baby White Elephant
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