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Thread: Wicked Waters - NEW Dragon Tales! September 16 2016

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    Can you hatch the Old Watcher egg early? Thanks!

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    Thank you. I wasn't sure if the low levels were typically asked to hatch other dragons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurelsail View Post
    Can you hatch the Old Watcher egg early? Thanks!
    I did by mistake, luckily it's ok. But won't do it next time, best to wait till the prompt ask you to.

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    Will begin chapter 9 soon, already have Ranger Dragon at level 14
    625 unique dragons
    - 9/9 Prime dragons
    - 5 Demolition dragons
    - 12/13 Gold producing dragons
    - 19/20 Diamond dragons (All LV15)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sitikiya View Post
    Has anyone else found that they win a battle but it does not register? This has just happened to me, I won one this morning, one after lunch and have just won another but it says I have only won 2/4? I uninstalled and reinstalled it but it still says the same.
    I had it do that also and couldn't figure out any way to get that win to show up so I ended up having to win an extra battle. Luckily, it only failed to count one battle, but it's still a just tad annoying. 😊

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    Started chpt 9. As I am flying (24 hours) during the tournament, I won't be able to finish it probably, so waited to start to get the early rounds for Tales. As it is, will have to start Chpt 10 early, in order to finish before my flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraGSJK View Post
    I can't thank you enough for your help! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good luck with the wheel and the rest of the Dragon Tales!
    Thank you, I just caught up last night. Good luck to you too. :]

    Does anyone know if the 1 Aqua Artifact from chapter 6 count towards the 2 Aqua Artifact in Chapter 9 ( so basically making 2 artifacts instead of 3 like the river runs)?

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    Working on Act 9 - three battles down so far. Everything else is smooth sailing after that part.

    Ranger is at a 14 and I've got Old Watcher in the evolution temple baking to a level 10. Food is super low - looks like I will not be able to make enough to get him to a 13, I'll try not sure just how short I will fall yet.

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    I started early to try for Fruitful, I have now reached the Chapter were I need it, but still no Fruitful in sight :O

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    I really, REALLY like these dragons! Esp. The Old Watcher (?). And tho' figuring how many & what & when to do the quests/crafts, I like that part. I hope asking friends for stuff from now on are NOT required after the 8th Chpt, b'cuz sometimes it takes 10+ hours for them to arrive on the requesters' isle. Time before last, my sister had to pay to skip the act requesting nbrs to send invites (or whatever it was), even tho' she was ahead of me before she got to that one. She started the last Chpt. on time & sent requests timely. Her nbrs also responded timely, but it took the game up to 10 hrs to get the invites to my sister's isle. Now guys, we all know that's not right. Is there any way we could go pick up what we need from our nbrs? Or not request them after the 8th Chpt? ALSO, do you do all the dragons? Or just event drags, or what. I'd really enjoy it if each drag's story/description included the designer's name. Thanks a bunch 'Foot! nadine

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