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Thread: New Animal: Paper Lantern Dragon September 16, 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark_Wayne View Post
    bought it finally
    I was forced to buy as well. I tried to speed breed, used about 260 gems before spending an additional 480 I think for the Dragon. Worth it in my opinion because of it's uniqueness. I think the game makes some creatures impossible to breed and others easy, and it's different for every account.

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    Paper Lantern Dragon

    Does anyone know for sure if the Paper Lantern Dragon is for sure breedable or not??? If l so, please post breeding combos and breeding time. I do know it shows fire as one of the elements. And where there has been some speculations on whether the Menorum is breedable or not and it said no but was, I was just wanting to know for sure before I try for it!

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    Paper Lantern Dragron is breedable! Got it with L15 C.U. & L15 Boom Bear (Electric/Fire). I believe the breed time was 24 hours. The evolution time is 25 hours.

    The Menorum is breedable also. There is a separate thread for it.
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    Just to confirm that you can obtain it from breeding!
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    Yay thank you Kooky! Fingers crossed I can breed it.

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