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Thread: No progress on goals

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    No progress on goals

    So I have been going back and forth between my android and ios device working on the donkey goals and the new bed and breakfast goals, but on my android device I've been crafting most of the items for the bed and breakfast goals. I know the donkey goals are specifically ios, so I have not been doing it there.

    The bed and breakfast goals are not moving and essentially splitting the progress between the devices. Part one and two of stage 3 completed on my android device, but I clicked the "give" button on my ios device, and it's not combining the progress like it has in the past.

    I've force closed both and it doesn't seem to be picking up. Do I have to do this all over? Or is this just a bug? The game has never separated the progress like this before when events were both android and ios compatible?

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    Can you check that you have Maple bacon and eggs in your barn? If yes, you should be able to give on either devices as long as you have them.
    Please do ensure that you have only 1 Farm Story 2 open at any time. Make sure you force shut your games on both devices before you use the Login feature to transfer your data to the device that you're playing on. Avoid having both apps open as that will cause issues to your game progress.

    Moved to issues forum.

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    I am not sure if it was still in the barn or not. I don't have much time to play during the week so I was hoping to progress this weekend so I didn't want to be stuck. I ended up just paying gems to skip the final goal of stage 2 on my droid device.

    I am now on stage 5 on that device, and stuck on stage 2 on my ios. I chalked it up as being due to the fact the goals between the platforms were different.

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    Are you having different progress on the same farm? if so, can you force shut both apps and do the game transfer using the login feature to one device? Is it possible that you transferred your games from iOS to android and made progress on your android device. When you returned to play on your iOS device, without doing another transfer, you were on the previous progress? Playing on multiple devices can be tricky cos you need to make sure you have only 1 app open and do the transfer again when you want to play on another device. Please post screenshots of your goals if that isn't the case. Thanks.

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