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Thread: Is Level 635 Really Do-able?

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    Is Level 635 Really Do-able?

    I've spent countless time and energies trying to complete Level 635. Can a mere mortal do it? I see that the invincible Paul and the usual suspects have.

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    We've reviewed this challenging level and it is possible to complete it. We suggest combining as many boosts as possible; Bombs and Blasters work well to clear lots of obstacles at once. Additionally, a Magic Diamond with a Blaster can clear a board quickly. Keep trying and we wish you the best of luck!
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    Wonders never cease. I managed to complete the level, and without paying for boosts. I pay for energies, but not for boosts.

    I managed to get two diamonds next to each other, then later got a diamond next to a blaster, twice. That did it!

    636 was challenging as well, but it's done.

    Bring on 637!
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