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Thread: Castle Story: 9/1 Update - Galloping Through the Galaxy! (TIMED / OPTIONAL) | EXPIRED

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    Quote Originally Posted by comeseecomesah View Post
    I'm trying to find out if the drops from moon base at lvl 1 after the event will be beneficial. I've completed in 2 kingdoms but wondering weather to bother buying base for baby kingdom or if it will just take up space for nothing.
    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    The list of drops for both the Alicolt and the Base are listed on page 1...
    The drops are usually only if you have completed the highest level of the building. I would expect a level 1 building to end up in storage.

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    @perry9877 when you pressed the button on the item that you had to get it redirected you to cows, mushroom and it was not a mystery for me! I do that all the time.

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    ... wow and just like that I have a pirate raccoon, an alicolt and a white horse. This was really, really fun. Didn't mind spending a few dollars to support the game. Well done ����������

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solientus View Post
    Trees, been hacking up my red acers. Just incase, I checked 3 Conservatory, no Dusties.

    Items in Market:
    Moon Flower (1x1)- 35Gems - 20min cd, drops Start Dust & Purple Petals (1st collect 2 Petals -> Star Dust not guaranteed)

    Moon Rock (1x1)- 50Gems - 2h cd, drops Star Dust & Glimmerdust (First collect gave 2 Glimmerdust and xp -> Star Dust not guaranteed)

    Star Potion - Potion Shop - 6 Star Dust, 1 Sap, 40 Wood (1Hr craft time) 76Gems
    Celestial Potion - Potion Shop - 40 Wood, 1 Star Potion, 3 Celestial Shard (2Hr craft time) 478Gems
    Celestial Shard - Magic Forge - 6 Star Dust, 6 Moon Dust, 20 Jewels (2Hr craft time) 134Gems

    Galloping Through the Galaxy
    (Upgrade Moon Crystal to Lv.5 to summon an Alicolt to your Kingdom)

    *Buy the Moon Crystal Base 0/1 (in Market)
    *Collect Star Dust 0/6
    *Construct Moon Crystal 0/1 (Build Moon Crystal Base - 20 Water, 6 Star Dust)
    Rewards: 300coins, 10xp 3 Living Wood
    Old Thomas: "We're off to a great start."

    *Brainstorm with Ivy 0/2 (Skip 31Gems)
    *Craft Star Potion 0/1 (6 Star Dust, 1 Sap, 40 Wood, 1 hour in Potion Shop)(Skip 70Gems)
    *Upgrade the Moon Crystal to Lv.2 0/1 (6 Star Dust, 1 Star Potion, 20 Water)
    Rewards: 300coins, 10xp, 1 Glimmerdust
    Ivy: "That Moon Crystal sure is shiny!"

    Old Thomas:"Our world holds magic that could be useful. Find something in our world that brings life to our Kingdom."
    *Have Water 5/20 (I had 5 already, Skip was 8Gems)
    *Collect Moon Dust (Find from Mushroom Patches!) 0/1 (Skip 10 Gems)(Mushroom Circle worked fine for me)
    *Craft the Celestial Shard (Make this in the Magic Forge!) 0/1 (Skip 121Gems)(6 Star Dust, 6 Moon Dust, 20 Jewels)
    Rewards: 300coins, 10xp, 3 Sap
    Old Thomas:"This shimmering shard should be quite useful."

    Ivy:"I've refined the Moon Crystal's potion a bit. This one should be pretty powerful."
    *Craft the Celestial Potion 0/1 (Skip 402Gems)
    *Have White Petals (We'll need these later!) 0/? (Skip 10Gems)(petals autocompleted, sry)
    *Upgrade the Moon Crystal to Lv.3 (Feel the power!) 0/1 (10 Living Wood, 40 White Petals, 12 Star Dust, 1 Celestial Potion)
    Rewards: 3 Living Wood
    I just went through 20 energy no moon dust

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    I would like to thank S8 for this latest Quest. Found it much more do-Able than previous ones.

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    I just made lvl5 on the crystal and received the alicolt. I was getting frustrated early, but then progress picked up. I probably would have given up without the help provided here. Thanks so much to those who charge ahead and post the helpful guidance.

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    Where do I find the alicolt? I completed the quest but can't find it in my inventory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kajohn345 View Post
    Where do I find the alicolt? I completed the quest but can't find it in my inventory.
    it's in your inventory and may not be at the latest adds.. just go through till you see it.
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    I can't believe I actually made it through a challenge! Finally!!!

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    I got the Alicot too despite few drops of moon stones. Most dropped were from cows which I only have 4 of them

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