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Thread: Restaurant Story: September 2016

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    May 2015
    My storm ID starts with a small "l" as in lisa. lmmaddox. I am a silent tipper for the most part. Love to give and receive stew or goal parts during goals. Will answer positively all requests. I am a high level player (currently 80's) and tip off my wall or 3 to 4 star players.
    Thank you! 

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    Please add me as your neighbor. ID EmberSoul83 Thank You

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    Sep 2012
    Bakery Story
    Please add me MamaBear2515

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    In need of some neighbors. I'm a daily player. I fill requests and tip daily.
    ID: Excalibur_3

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    Hi also need new neighbors. I don't tip but I gift nearly everday. I don't gift food only parts. My storm id is OrionBassC

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    Cuppabuppa my ID is I think😆

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    Sep 2016
    plz add my ID: virukath

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    Need new neighbors. All my old ones ditched me. I don't tip unless it's required in a goal and I try to respond to part requests at least once a day. Looking for neighbors that will gift parts for goals. Don't need or give daily gifts. Level 99 I also play Castle Story ID: breenaramos

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    Add me: katarzyna217

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    Active!!!!!! Add me omgsounique

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