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Thread: Dragon Story: September 2016

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    New Resident
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    Aug 2014
    looking for neighbours

    ID: FinalBeat

    lvl 100, didnt play 3 years but i am up again

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    May 2016
    New neighbours who play actively

    Id: Kellyleroc2015

    Gift/Visit daily

    Also on Bakery Story

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    ID JM90Gurl
    Looking for neighbors that can help out by answering request during Dragon Tales, send Gold (I send gold back to those that send me gold), and also answering map request. I don't visit all the time but I do occasionally and I'm an active player and answer all request sent to me. Add me.

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    Jul 2016
    Hi everyone,
    Add me if you need a new neighbour - vixter30 - I don't visit but I always reply to map/material requests.

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    Level 187 active player...reply all requests.
    ID: Florcky

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    Aug 2014
    Level 162, looking for neighbors who are active players, I respond to all requests

    ID: kcon820

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    add me Icyblue888 looking for neighbors who can be my permanent gold neighbors to send daily gold too and I will send daily back to those people any other requests as well since I login couple times a day.

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    Jan 2014
    Plz add me !
    I respond all DT requests
    ID: viridium

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    You can add me. I login multiple times and answer neighbor requests. I go alphabetical down my neighbor list so everyone active can get gold.

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    Please add me SerenityRen20. I log in multiple times and respond to requests.

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