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Thread: Dragon Tales quests and crafting items disappeared!

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    same here, I went to work on it and I can't find my quest, and the dragon story along with castle story keeps closing on me and I lose all my progress or rewards, used to be fun, now it's just a pain, waiting for my grandchild to get here so I can delete all the games.

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    Same issue as everyone else, all tales related questing and crafting options are gone. I submitted a support ticket earlier this morning, but here's more info:

    - Level 122
    - I let the event auto-start
    - I do most of my playing on iOS (iPad), but I play on my phone (Android) sometimes when I don't have access to wifi. Same problem is on both devices.

    Chapter 10 is proceeding normally for me - I was able to plant and harvest crops and request donations. The two battles I've won so far have also been counted. But I'm going to run into problems after I finish all eight battles because I don't have the furnace yet and now I can't craft it.

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    I started event myself, I am on level 156 and I play on my smart phone, and I am on chapter 7, would of been further if game didn't mess up

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    My event auto started on Sunday, August 21st
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    Quote Originally Posted by JetteG View Post
    All I now need is to craft the furnice.
    I have just placed a ticket with support, email
    Is this the correct email?
    I have all the parts needed.
    I play on IOS. Am lv. 171
    I am on ch. 10.
    I startet the event myself (I read that it startet by itself for some players).
    I really hope they fix this soon.
    Yes that is the email for support.

    Hey guys thanks for the all the additional information!
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    I am furious right now cause I've also been affected by this glitch. To get this far in the tale, only to find the items to craft have all disappeared. This is totally unacceptable for a company to treat players like this with no explanation as to why this has happened. I've purposely sped up the time to start chapter 10, so I'll have more than enough time to complete it. Now to see that the furnace can't be crafted to get the glass wing dragon. Something needs to done, and DONE NOW. It's no excuse why it has disappeared when we clearly still have about 15 hours remaining on the clock. My username is fantasy island, level 195 and I started the tale on SUNDAY(est). I'm also an iOS user!!

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    I just sent a ticket to support. Hope this gets fixed soon
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    I am level 197 & playing on my iPad. I started tales on Sunday 21st (auto started at 6.30pm UK time) so am currently on chapter 10 & am having the same problem as everyone else .... I can't craft the mighty furnace. Currently working on the battles so am technically not at that stage yet but I'm not far off.

    Thankyou for the email & info about sending in a ticket amerirish & kooky. Have just added another ticket to their very substantial pile!
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    Level 100, on android, mine auto started on Sunday the 21st, I just sent in a ticket to support. I have the same issue, I was going to wait until this morning to craft the mighty furnace since I still had a few battles left. I'm really disappointed to see that this has happened. I used gold several times to get through some of the earlier chapters. I've never even seen this happen before, the items are always still there to craft/quest, if there is still time in the left in the tales. I hope they issue a fix for this, but honestly I'm not holding my breath. I really wanted the glasswing.
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    Same problem for me as well, level 109, on android, started on Sunday the 21st. I think it auto started. I emailed support already. I was about to start my craft of the mighty furnace because I'm still working on battles and I realized it was gone. Came straight here to see that I wasn't the only one. This is such [] I expedited several things with gold earlier in the tales so I could make sure and get the glasswing. I really hope that they fix this, it's completely unfair. It's so obviously a game glitch.
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