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Thread: Dragon Tales quests and crafting items disappeared!

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    Dragon Tales quests and crafting items disappeared!

    With still one day to go, the dragon tales quests and crafting items are now gone, and I can't finish the tales without them. This became even more stressful than I had anticipated. I really hope they return again very soon.

    Hey guys, this issue has been reported. We will have some more information when the community managers get on the forum.
    We will update as soon as we have any additional information.


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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina View Post
    Hey caretakers!! The crafts have returned and this issue is now fixed. Please stay tuned as the team discuss on how to handle this issue. Thank you so much for your patience!
    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Regina View Post
    Hi everyone! We have resolved the issue for players who were affected by the Crafting issue. Please check your storage.

    If you have any further questions about this issue and your account, please contact for assistance. Thank you so much!

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    Same here. I had enough parts from questing that I could have made the furnace but hadn't actually started crafting it yet. I foresee considerable panic among those who haven't finished yet. A little help?
    Another day in Team Lava Land, another collection of coins, another trip to that change machine at the grocery store...

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    I had planned on sending Forgefather out on quests all day long to get the rest of the parts, before I crafted the furnace, I figured I would have time ...

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    Yesssssss same here .

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    Please please please please fix this! I have followed the rules, the guides, timed everything down to the hour and the only thing keeping me from finishing this event is the Might Furnace no longer being craftable in the Spell Shop

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    Same here I'm freaking out all I needed to do was craft the last thing.. I really hope this is fixed asap!!

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    I have the same problem... I suspect its because we didnt activate the event ourselves and waited until it activated itself and that happened 1 day later than intended. It needs to be fixed fast though please!

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    Dragon Tales Craft Items Gone! (Currently on 9th Chapter)

    Ok so I'm kind of freaking out a little... All the craftable items that were from the Dragon Tales aren't showing up any more. I haven't finished the last chapter, and I know we have to craft a furnace or something like that. I've already crafted the crystal flower thing, but all the special event stuff is gone. Will it come back when I unlock the last chapter?? I'm on the 9th chapter, and just waiting for my Glass Dragon to evolve.

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    I don't know I had to re-quest three times in this event to meet exactly this. It has put my chapter ten today in jeopardy.

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    Mine too!!!!

    What a waste of my life this game is becoming! I have have under a day left on the timer. Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!

    "Download Dragon Story now, the most unfair game around."

    I wouldn't have bothered speeding up my hatching of the glass dragon had I known.

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