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Thread: What are your favorite Restaurant Story items?

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    I also love the Carnival Stove and the Popcorn Maker

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    THE KOI POND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been buying that take out box over and over and over and I keep getting the same things, BUT NEVER the Koi Pond. I'm not exaggerating, I've probably purchased that darn crate thing 10-15 times! I JUST now tried again. UGH 😡

    Or at least PLEASE unlock some older appliances that are unavailable to iOS players. Any of the older appliances would be great. I'm almost done mastering everything. I'd rather have access to more appliances then a few free gems every day from watching videos. Just my 2 cents...and a whole lotta money spent on that takeout box .

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    Quote Originally Posted by biscuitsndavey View Post

    Or at least PLEASE unlock some older appliances that are unavailable to iOS players. .
    Which appliances are you talking about that were not available to ios players?

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    Would love to have:
    Autumn fireplace & fall garden
    Lab experiment
    Haunted clock tower
    Zombie waiter
    Halloween deserts
    Well of spirits
    Vampire bartender
    Haunted house
    Were sushi shef

    Basically I would love to have a chance at any/all older Halloween items I would also like to see more Christmas decor as well (seeing as Halloween and Christmas both are major holidays people like to decorate for)
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    There are appliances from the past that newer players that use androids can still use . I was just hoping there was some way that I could use them as well and I'm in a iOS user. I would even download and pay for an app to be able to get the older appliances . I would love it if restaurant story would release old appliances from time to time for players that haven't mastered them yet .

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    Also wanted to add: the Apple Cider recipe on the Drink Fountain. With autumn right around the corner, it would be great to see it unlocked!
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    Anyone else want a giant Autumn or Halloween sale?! How about items from previous seasons!

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    Halloween sale yes, not going to hold my breath though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixiegamer View Post
    Thank you for starting this thread, SparklyOctopus!

    My favorites AND the top items I'd love to see return are:

    • The JAZZ BAND! This was a bundle exclusive for a New Orleans bundle in 2015, and has never resurfaced since Making it available would finally give Android players the ability to buy it, and it's one of the most detailed 4x4 pieces in RS. It's also incredibly versatile; it could be used for summer music festivals, in-restaurant shows, New Year's Eve performances, and a lot more. I really really want to see it back!

    • The LEAF PILE!! If there's one thing that matches my love and pining for the Jazz Band, it's my love and pining for the Leaf Pile. This is a past goal prize I've been wanting this one for years - it's such a quintessential autumn item, and I really really hope it will become available for purchase!!

    • The Autumn Party. This is a 2nd-place prize from the now-removed Autumn Gift Box. The detailing is immaculate, and it can really be used throughout the fall months as a centerpiece in any restaurant. Furthermore, it complements the items from the Harvest Crate really well, and could easily substitute for a Thanksgiving meal setting.

    • If appliances can also be considered, then I'd love to see the Fire Pit Grill brought back. The recipes it contains would be great for summery tropical scenes, and the Grilled Eggplant could also add to some international themes as well.

    Other items I'd like to see return are:

    • The Spooky Chest - It has a lovely selection of Halloween items which I'd love to add to my restaurant
    • The Spooky Fireplace - a 3rd place prize from the Halloween 2011 chest. Also delightfully spooky, and the blue flame is a very nice touch
    • The Haunted Clock Tower - this was a Halloween decoration (not even an LTO) that was added in 2014, and retired afterward. I loved its design and I think it's something players would really appreciate having back.
    • The North Pole LTO - This debuted in 2013 for Christmas and has never been seen again since.

    • Holiday Express, Holiday Story - both 2nd place prizes from the now-removed Holiday Gift Box (2011)

    • The patterned black wallpaper in the picture below (not sure what its actual name is, unfortunately):

    Also, among goal content that I'd love to see be made available (aside from the Leaf Pile):

    • Pizza Toss - Like others have already said in this thread, this prize is a beauty, and there's nothing comparable to it on the market. Similarly, I also think the Wood-Fired Oven should be made freely available; without it, there are few pizza recipes players can work with to make their restaurant into a pizzeria.
    • Hot Dog Stand recipes - the Hot Dog Stand is unique in that it's freely available in the appliance section of the marketplace, but was at one point a goal-related appliance. Consequently, newer players who weren't around for the goals only have access to ONE recipe after they buy and build the appliance. I feel like this is rather unfair to newer players, and feel that all recipes should be available if the appliance can be bought by all players. Unlocking the other two recipes would also hugely increase the range of freely-available hot dog recipes in the game (1 on the grill, 1 on the fusion cart, and 1 on the hot dog stand to 1 on the grill, 1 on the fusion cart, and 3 on the hot dog stand - going from a total of 3 to a total of 5).
    • Action Chef Lee - Action Chef Lee is a significant character in Restaurant Story, yet he only appears in two decorations - and this is one of them. This particular decoration features him by himself (compared to Yard Sale Lee, wherein he's flanked by a few items), which makes it all the more versatile to use in a restaurant space, whether to simply place him in the kitchen or feature him in a number of different settings. I hope he becomes freely available.
    That wallpaper is called "Dark Pattern ". I love it and use it all the time.

    I'd also love to have the Jazz Band.

    Want those spooky items, too! And Frankenstein's Monster.

    There's so much spooky stuff from previous Halloween themes that I'd love to have.

    Unlock locked recipes on Oven, Stove, Grill and Drink Machine. Oh and yeah, Hot Dog Stand.

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    I see a lot of neighbors who have been playing for years have a door called "Autumn Door", it is not in the store in Food Lab. I really want this door to be in my store. There are only 2 adult doors other than the ugly plain grey one that comes with the restaurant. !!

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