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Thread: What are your favorite Restaurant Story items?

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    I have looked through a ton of the decorations that are available to me (I have been playing for about six months) so a HUGE amount of cool deco I am unable to get. I went into buying boxes/crates lately and had AMAZING success the first week.....the past two weeks however I have been so frustrated with my luck that I decided not to buy anymore LOL. My favorite items though are definitely in the Classic Restaurant Equipment and Chic Restaurant Equipment boxes. I got lucky with Chic and managed to get everything except the Chic Cafe. With the Classic, I have for some reason been unable to get the Ticket station or the Prep station. Im dying to get my hands on those but I refuse to end up with anymore chefs. I seriously have enough chefs both Chic and Classic to consider a government coup with chef soldiers LOL....My favorite piece overall? My second purchase....Orchestra the 1st place prize from Melody Box. I freaked out when I won it and the next purchase got me the Jazz instruments on stage, very cool....set them up in my restaurant with a grand piano and have live music for my customers! Come visit me. The Copacabana is the name of my restaurant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasha_07 View Post
    Please bring back the 'White Christmas Tree' & 'Christmas Visitor' in a sale, thank you.
    Adding to this, please also include the 'snowy pine tree' and 'build a snowman' in an upcoming sale.
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    Juice bar, fall garden, and anything penguin please!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dancing Dogs.jpg 
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ID:	58436Dancing Dogs
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ID:	58437Dragon Dance & Chinese Archway
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Name:	Indoor Koi Pond.jpeg 
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ID:	58269indoor Koi Pond
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ID:	58270Pearl Fountain
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    Unlock the old stoves from past missions. Every month unlock 2 stoves from old missions, these stoves cost 30 diamonds and which player wants to buy it! I want a cupid foutan and a decadent stove and if they are unlocked now I will buy one! no matter how much they cost

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    Please bring back the flower pond with the next sale!

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    Please! Please! Please, give chance us to get/buy the locked ovens/stoves/..., the locked recipes and the locked goal items! I think, many players want the same! I would appreciate it if YOU would DO something about it! Thank You

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    Hello S8 team!
    These are my favorites
    Mommys Dessert
    Kitty Cocoa
    Princess Cupcakes
    Fenrirs Honeycake
    Hot Hand Pie
    Mincemeat Pie
    Frozen Slime
    Coco Fait
    Black White House Cookies
    Red Velvet Cupcakes
    Dipped Strawberries
    Devils Food Cake
    Hot Chocolate
    Pink Hot Cocoa
    First Kiss Sip
    Love Shake
    Heart Cake
    Love Cupcakes
    Fruit Tart
    Fruit Perfect
    Chocolate Lava Cake
    Chocolate Tart
    Coconut Cake
    Bunny Biscuits
    I can't cook them, they are from past missions and they are locked for me!
    Can these recipes be put in new stoves with new names, but with the same design!
    And play missions with them! I will be happy to cook these recipes in my restaurant! Thanks!

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