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Thread: What are your favorite Restaurant Story items?

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    Apr 2013
    I would like to see the following items outside of the box for sale with the highlighted in a spring sale before the month of April is over. Thanks!

    - Action Dining - Action Chef Box

    - Birthday Treat & Pile Of Gifts - Birthday Box (I hate clowns so never trying again since I already have one of those despicable creatures in storage)

    - Lunch Display - Bon Fire Crate

    - Lime, Grapefruit, Orange Trees - Citrus Crate

    - Superbowl Snacks & Salsa Helmet - Football Chest

    - Sundae Station - Ice Cream Crate

    - Tropical Fruit Bar - Island Chest

    - Flower Fairy - Magic Bouquet

    - Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow Fancy Vase - Magic Box

    - Indoor Waterfall - Magic Shell

    - Poppy Treats - Poppy Crate

    - Chest Of Jewels - Renaissance Chest

    - Rose Display - Roses Crate

    - Classroom Aquarium - School Crate

    - Salad Bar & Spring Windmill - Spring Basket

    - Zoo Keeper - Zoo Crate

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    First time poster, very long time player! Thank you for all you do to keep both RS & BS fun! Items I?d love an opportunity to earn would be some from goals I didn?t complete:
    (1) road trip goal (car);
    (2) vampire waiter goal;
    (3) pizza delivery bike, pizza toss, pizza display.
    (4) many of the recent oven components would make cute display items - the little animals for example.
    (5) any new pets - dogs & cats.

    And while I am here, may I submit 2 suggestions/requests that would make play so much easier/fun?
    (1) would you consider providing us a way to file our accumulated display items? Ie, either let us name our own folders or minimally provide ones for each holiday & each season?
    (2) would you consider coding so that when we select a display item to place, do NOT have the display return to the first item, but rather bookmark & return to where we last pulled from (seems to sometimes do this & sometimes not)

    Thanks so much again for your continued creativity - these games have literally provided me years & years of enjoyment! Great work.

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    Some of my favorite decorations that I would like to purchase in a sale are the following:

    1. Chic Chef's Station
    2.Indoor Island
    3.Pirate Kitchen
    4. Rotisserie
    5.Grand piano
    6.Jazz Set
    7.And why not some Easter decorations of the past goals final prize

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    Please bring back the * gem dispenser* that would be awesome!!

    Also it would be gr8 if at some point we could again unlock the recipes from:
    - Chocolate Maker
    - Food Replicator

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    Please bring the volleyball decoration, football field, the gem dispenser, pirate kitchen, indoor waterfall and cowboy poker.
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    I would like to see the following in a summer sale, if possible early June. Thanks!

    1. Greaser Car (Blue) (50s Dinner Box)

    2. Action Dining (Action Chef Box)

    3. Ship Wheel (Cruise Box)

    4. Gelato Girl, Gelato Samples (Gelato Box)

    5. Sundae Station (Ice Cream Crate)

    6. Island Chest

    7. Indoor Waterfall (Magic Shell)

    8. Pirate Ship Couch (Pirate Chest)

    9. Classroom Aquarium (School Crate)

    10. Woodland Arch, Frog Log (Woodland Box)

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    Shark pit
    Lotus pool

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