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Thread: What are your favorite Restaurant Story items?

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    Smile What are your favorite Restaurant Story items?

    Hello everyone! We'd love to hear back from everyone what your favorite items are in Restaurant Story. Are there any limited time items in Restaurant Story that you would like to see be brought back? Let us know!

    Please keep this thread only about items that have already debuted in Restaurant Story. Thanks, everyone!

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    Thanks for the thread, my choices are the following to be brought back,

    - Were Sushi Chef

    - Gingerbread Display
    - Gingerbread Express

    - Autumn Party
    - Fall Garden

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    The pizza guy tossing the pizza display.

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    Gingerbread items from the box from 2012-2013 for Christmas
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    I thought the pizza guy (final goal prize) deekathleen mentions was fantastic--I have it, but think newer players deserve it too. on another for-newer-players note, please reintroduce the plain grass tile for android players who weren't around for that version. it's such a good basic to have.

    If this survey includes box items that are current, then things I would buy if they were out-of-box but am not willing to endlessly try to win them from boxes are:

    skill shot derby (carnival chest)
    football arcade (football chest)
    mechanical dragon (renaissance chest)
    indoor island (island chest)
    panda fountain (asian fusion chest)
    ocean critter display, sous chef special, Private Tiki Booth, Pool Bar (beach resort box)
    Vintage Soda Machine, Bowling Alley (50's diner box)
    Crystal Snowman, Crystal Snowflake (crystal gift box)
    Moose, Moose Party (swedish gift box)
    Tibetan Chest, Stone and Tree (Action Chef Box)
    Indoor Flow (cruise box)
    Reflecting Pool (woodland box)
    Indoor Koi Pond (takeout box)
    Mayflower Playpen, Parade Balloon (horn of plenty)
    gelato carousel (gelato crate)
    Sloth Tree, Lemur Log, Butterfly Garden (zoo crate)
    Volleyball, Beach Umbrellas (bonfire crate)
    Modern Roma decoration, Roma pantry (italia crate)
    Ticket Station, Prep Station (classic kitchen crate)
    Birthday Swim (birthday box)
    Gardener's Shed, Glass Garden (gardeners chest)
    Horse Riding, Cowboy Poker (cowboy crate)
    Bunny Pen (easter chest)

    and there's more, but i can't believe i just expended that much time on this. but especially the sunflower & harvest crates!

    i'll think of non-box items more later.

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    Fire Pit Grill Appliance (grilled eggplant, pineapple chicken, spiced pork and salsa)
    Mummy pizza and Barbeque Bats
    Spooky Chest
    Spooky piano
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    Would love to see the Fall Crates & Monster crate 1/2 off.

    I have been wanting those ghost tables & chairs for a few years.
    Just love them. Was probably from a previous goal, but still want em.
    Really could use more Halloween deco.

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    I'll add my name to those who'd like the Gingerbread Gift Box brought back. I think it may have been re-released at Christmas once since the year it was originally introduced, but that was a good while ago now. Obviously if it could be one of the 50% off deals that would be excellent.
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    Flipping through my design tab to look for my favorite items, and there's really a lot to love in this game. My favorites are the many food counters (pizza tosser mentioned above, panini counter, masala chef, juice bar, caboose burger stand, the perennial-favorite cider bar, etc.) and the farmers market stands (still hoping to get the boxed ones someday). But I love the food-adjacent themes too, places where food isn't the only thing, but where people definitely eat--in parks, at the beach, at the zoo or a carnival. Those are fun--carnival/funfair remains my favorite theme ever.

    Also, anything with gran-gran, and I missed the standalone action chef lee figure from years ago but that would be awesome. Anything with phoebe gets bounced to least favorite, especially the Mardi Gras float I would have loved but never bought cause I couldn't get over the giant phoebe head.
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    I would LOVE a chance to own the Pizza Toss display and the Gingerbread House.

    My favorite pieces are ones that represent real restaurants, coffee houses, music and entertainment venues: chefs and waitstaff working, customers dining, interior and exterior fountains and gardens, cuisines from around the world. The pieces that fit into a farmers market theme support the supply chain.

    Phoebe is my least favorite character. When I started the game, she was a young adult being groomed to take over Gran Gran's very successful business. Now she seems to have regressed to a young child who rides trikes and uses the restaurant for school projects. I tend to avoid pieces where she is prominently featured. Hazel at BS is much closer to my ideal Phoebe.

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