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Thread: Castle Story: 8/25 Update - A Fiery, Foxy Box | + redeem gift! *EXPIRED*

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    I received one piece of wood on my first box, which was slightly maddening but thankfully received the Fire Fox on my second. I wouldn't necessarily say it was worth it, but I'm still pretty happy to have him in my kingdom! I second tonyjosiah's idea about having a dire wolf!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliverrr11 View Post
    People, there is NOT a one in 117 chance of getting a fox-in-a-box just because there are 117 possible items you can get. It doesn't work that way unless they are all programmed to drop at the same exact rate. They clearly are not. I'm sure we don't want to know the true odds of getting one. 1 in 117 would be a dream scenario! Lol!

    Simple proof? How many people bought, say, 3 boxes and got 2 or 3 fire fur? Fire fur is one of those 117 items, and in equal odds they would also be a 1 in 117 drop. How many people bought 3 boxes and got 2 or 3 foxes????? Or in other words, you would be hearing about the same amount of people that are receiving a fox as you are hearing about receiving a fire fur. That ain't happening.

    Edit: and OF COURSE the very next post after this is about receiving a fox!! Lolol! Congrats and keep smiling!
    Yes of course you are quite correct.. but not knowing the drop% of each single drop.. and then knowing there are 117 different drops.. it's just easy to say "one out of 117 drops".
    No statistics here.. it's just logical and quick thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katbtodd View Post
    Yes I hear ya
    I'm not buying. My luck with the Xmas gifts boxes was bad and all I can get from the lucky workshop is coins an occasionally 5 energy. I have the little fox from the Baron's tent. I'll be a one fox queendom

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    These people at S8 have gone totaly nuts.

    There is 1% chance of getting Fire Fox and 10% of getting Fire Fur from the box.
    One box costs 50 gems, boxes needed for 75 Fur = 750, times 50gems = 37500 GEMS!

    If you buy 1400 gems at sale for $40, that means you will, on average, spend a little bit over $1071 to get the fox.

    It will be very hard for developers to overcome that price for a single item.

    By the way, drops for Fire fox are not that impressive either:
    [100%] lCoal(2)[10%], Jewels(2)[5%], Longsword(1)[4%], Light Armor(1)[4%], Earth Wisp(1)[4%], Coins(1000)[6%], Gems(2)[2%], Dragon Scales(3)[15%], Energy(5)[5%], Dragon Scales(2)[45%]
    [100%] Orange Petal(1)[90%], Orange Petal(2)[10%]
    [100%] Fur(1)[33.2%], Rat Tail(1)[33.2%], Creep Tooth(1)[33.2%], Fey Crystal(1)[0.4%]
    [100%] Milk(1)[100%]

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    A few observations/suggestions:

    If boxes stay at 50Gems a piece

    **I think if the box had a guaranteed drop of 3-6 Firey Furs along with prizes would turn things around quite a bit.
    (Average amount assume 4)
    Cost of Fur 15Gems x 4 = 60Gems
    One box dropping 4 fur, plus prizes = 50Gems
    People would actually be making progress towards to Fox. Even if they were full on the additional drop least they'd have Fur to show for it and not feel as ripped off.

    **I think another improvement would be to "trim" the box drop list. Keep it towards the rarer end with a value equal to or higher then the price of the Mystery box:
    Wisp Lantern (15G)
    Expansion Permit (150-250Gems, no idea)
    Spellbound Dew 5-8(25-40Gems value)
    Silver 3-4 (12Gems each = 36-48 Gem value)
    If it's going to drop Fancy Blocks and Beams how about dropping a few?
    I think that's my main point and someone else pointed it out, if the box dropped multiples it would be a nice compromise.

    Get rid of the lower Gem value items like petals, dyes, fur, hide, sap, wood, etc. or if not, pump up the amount of the drop atleast?

    Or how about:
    If boxes were offered at a lower Gems price
    There's still a ton of profit ...but the profit with be for both parties!
    Upping the drop amounts(multiples), knocking out some lower super common mob drop items in favor of valuable ones like Mysterious Venom, or Dragon Scales.
    Keeping Firey Fur as a guaranteed drop, preferably a multiple, maybe 2-4 if the box price is lowered

    A slightly easier to swallow Gem cost -> more boxes sold!

    Or maybe this:
    If Fiery Fur was craftable, expensive, but craftable!
    10 Fur (regular), 20 Coal (for burning), 15 Wood (for Fuel!) = 1-2 Fiery Fur
    Just an idea...

    I know this item is along the same lines of Rainbow Pot, and there are many max players that wouldn't benefit from even the multiple drops...but for the player base as a whole, a few tweaks to this item, and future ones like it - I feel could improve perceptions.

    *Grain of Salt feedback*, thanks for reading.
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    The fox doesn't blink - like the camel and the satyr...why...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    Yes of course you are quite correct.. but not knowing the drop% of each single drop.. and then knowing there are 117 different drops.. it's just easy to say "one out of 117 drops".
    No statistics here.. it's just logical and quick thinking.
    I'll give ya the it's "quick" part. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by katbtodd View Post
    To me a lot more people would gamble,with their gems if the price was lower , that's for sure since the odds are like one in 117 chance .
    No, it's really NOT 1-117. I give up!! Lol!
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    I do not like this update sham.
    I do not like it one bit, ma'am.
    I will not buy a fiery box.
    I will not craft a fiery fox.
    It smells to me quite like a scam.
    I will not spend 'cause smart I am.

    (With apologies to all who feel otherwise, of course. But I'm a frugal Dutch woman.)

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    They not delivering what is promised! The pop-up says...Get a RARE drop with EVERY chop. How is 1 stone block rare? You can make 1 in 15 minutes. Hmph!!
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