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Thread: Feedback on Items drop and New features

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    Feedback on Items drop and New features

    I am loving the new features that were just introduced - building the bridge, and the Bigger is Better event. To be honest, I was ready to stop playing the game, as it was becoming a bit monotonous, once I reached about level 20, there wasn't really much else to do. So I love that I have a couple of things to work on now, I am really enjoying them. I just have a little problem that is preventing me from being able to achieve the Bigger is Better goals. I have run out of room in my city, and have spent a lot of time rearranging everything so that I can fit more in. But I can't do anything further, as items and equipment such as hard hats and saws have stopped dropping. It is very rare now if I get anything from the coins, and I sit with the game in front of me while doing other things, so that when a coin pops up, I can collect them and try to get items. But for some reason, they are just not dropping anymore. I'll maybe get one per day. So I can't build the houses or high rises required because I just don't have any space for them. I've already stored a lot of my 5 star businesses so that I can build more houses, which of course has dropped my mastery stars, so I won't be able to upgrade my town hall until I have expanded again, but I haven't been able to do that for over a week now. And I can't upgrade the high rises without hard hats and bricks etc.
    So please, can you have a look at the way items are dropped? I'd really like to work on this event, but I'm pretty much stuck unless I store my businesses and civic buildings, which won't help me progress in the game, in fact it quite defeats the purpose.

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    While waiting for items to expand, I have been storing some of the businesses so I can buy houses for the Bigger is Better Event. Once I open up an expansion, then I put some of my businesses back out.
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    Oh my gosh, I just saw the stage 2 requirements for building the bridge. Is it a joke???? It will take me weeks or months to get all that equipment, at the same time as trying to expand? How do you expect us to do this without items being dropped anymore?
    Ohhh you want me to spend money I guess. Well.... not going to happen. I guess I just won't build the bridge. Unless something changes and this is actually achievable

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    Hello again Storm 8! I hope you have been reading this thread - it did pop up in the game that you wanted feedback, and if you don't do something about this one, I will definitely no longer be playing.
    I did some calculations.
    I have 148 spaces to fill in my highrises, once I collect the items needed to open them up.
    To fill just ONE space on each of these highrises I will need:
    70 Bricks
    50 Hammers
    76 Hardhats.
    Remembering, that this is not the amount I need to fill them all up, just one space on each of the ones that aren't full.
    These items are dropping at a rate of (when I am having a lucky day) about one per day. And I do open the game several times a day to do orders etc.
    At this rate, I can expect to fill just one space on each of my highrises in 196 days.

    March the 9th, 2017.

    I'm sorry, but that is pretty ridiculous. And if I don't expand at all, I can finish Stage 2 of the bridge in about a month. But if I don't expand, I won't be able to fit the new houses and highrises in to complete the Bigger is Better event. Which I really wanted to do.
    The point of a game like this is to build and grow, complete levels and upgrade town hall. With the way items are being given, it is not going to happen for a long, long time. And there is no fun in that. I like a challenge, I love strategy! But with the way it is working now, none of the goals are achievable.
    Please have a look into this.

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    So, is this going to be read, Storm 8? I'd love an answer. I would love to know that you listen to the players, the people who spend a lot of time playing your game...
    I want to know if I should give up on the game or not. I don't want to have the expectation that progress in the game will move at a snails pace, due to the rarity of the item drops. Please refer to my calculations above... and notice that I didn't include how long it would take to fill up the entirety of my high rises - but just how long it would take to fill one space in each of them. March 2017.
    I really do enjoy this game. I love the strategy, and the general business of it! There's always something to do. But if I cannot progress, then I will very quickly lose interest, which would be a shame. I only just gave up playing Dragon Story, after spending a year and a LOT of real money in that one. I'm very disappointed by how that all went, I LOVED that game. Please, this time, listen to the feedback of your customers!

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    Still no feedbak on the feedback? It's a shame. I"m really struggling with this game due to the items not dropping.

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    Ever since the last update I've been getting fewer parts from citizens, businesses. It's very frustrating.
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