It takes more dice for each level, but to continue to play you have to pay!!
I understand that each level-up takes more dice to play. But when I have to use more dice and then don't get binges, I lose dice, power-ups, and magnifiers trying to win more dice to continue to play. It seems like the only way to play (and I do enjoy the game) is to buy diamonds to then buy dice. This game is way more enjoyable winning more than losing (and it seems losing happens WAY more than winning!). It's common sense, if you want people to play then make it so they can continue to play instead of waiting for the "daily free dice". Ughhh so frustrated. I may make a couple purchases. But to feel like I have to make purchases to continue playing makes a game not fun. And then you just stop really playing... And then I stop just making my couple purchases all together!! Any advice, help, etc?!