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Thread: Dragon Tales: Forging a Hero - Aug 19, 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackiesq View Post
    I just finished the tales, thx to my prework, I didn't need to craft anything...
    The crops give the Glass Spears! So only nr 1 and 2 need to be fixed!

    Hoping S8 solves the problems and compensate for everyone still struggling!
    I crafted ahead but my glass flower was not accepted or 2 Jr. Crafting item either. Had to double craft. Final furnace I still pre crafted(I always craft everything ahead of time) Large final furnace was accepted. Finished yesterday but just started getting neighbors items a couple hours ago. I always have 2 to 4 day time lapse. ✌

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    Thank you(Storm 8/ team) for resolving the issue, so I can NOW craft the mighty furnace, only 2 more battle left (thx to the tournament those will be easy) so I'll FINALLY have my glasswing dragon!!! (Happy dance)

    Special thank you to ALL my wonderful neighbors that responded quickly to the donations I needed.. I really appreciate it, love you all!

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    That whole problem might have something to do with the overlapping Leaderboard Event. I can only play the Halloween version, so I don't have any Leaderboard Event and I could collect and quest as usual for the Dragon Tales Event. I don't think I had any problems where quest items or something similar disappeared Just a thought, though.
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    Thank you staff for fixing the problem, now i only have to craft my furnace and my glasswing along with my guardian angel will be battling soon in this new tournament. hip hip hooray to storm 8 team . you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just finished, glass wing in storage

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    I am happy this issue is fixed, thanks.
    And thanks to all my neighbours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaghasaki View Post
    Ahhh.. New tournament for the last 6 battles for the tales.. How very nice.. If not for tournament, I would have had to face higher level opponents.. Now its easier..
    That level 1 knight dragon has defeated my level 15 Diamond and my level 15 Gilded Knight so far. I just need to win that one battle to finish this Tales.

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    So I finished my last battle, went to my craft shop & placed the Mighty Furnace in storage. Nothing happened....started to panic but then force closed & reopened the game. Then I got the pop up that Glasswing was in storage (whew!!) Double checked & there she is!!

    Hope everyone is able to recover in time to finish the event. Sending luck to you all!!
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    Thanks for the fix. Furnace is crafting and the battles just got easier due to the tournament . I do hope something is done for the players that needed additional quests today before crafting the furnace. They should be given extra time to complete the task at minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topgate44 View Post
    Storm8 says they didn't post the chapters so they aren't responsible for that error. My sons account was affected as he didn't have the noble crystal and no way of getting it. I personally don't think this is fair as it clearly as I printed it out said level 10 but look at it now say level 11.
    Yea...this actually happened before with the previous tale...(on the post it said to raise Adventure dragon to lvl 12 for mid level tier, but on the actual chapter it only requires it to be lvl 10, so yes...I did waste food raising it two levels up for nothing). Anyways, this time I waited for the chapter to start to see what the requirements are instead of going ahead raising it up to level 11 in advance since fooling me once was shame on them, but fooling me twice shame on me.

    Either way, it didn't affected me too much since I'm a food and coin horder, I had way more than enough to even calculate in these "mistakes". For future tip, I suggest to gather 350k or more apples even for middle tier players and have at least a million coins on hand for food, habitats, crystal etc. But most importantly, take everything they say with a grain of salt.

    Btw, I do appreciate Kooky taking her own time to reply to my post. They should get paid for constantly having to apologize on behalf of Storm8 many fails. :]

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