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Thread: Restaurant Update August 17 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3squares View Post
    Waiting to see what is required to unlock recipes before starting this goal. If we have to purchase items for gems in order to unlock recipes or to finish the goal, I won't participate in this one.
    Yes im waiting also. I wont even send parts or answer parts requests if this goal requires gems to do.

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    I now have the goal on my Samsung tab. So Android users should have the goals now...

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    First time doing a monthly goal. Hope it's worth my time.
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    Why are the goals on Restaurant story different to Bakery storys? The layout looks weird

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    Finally got my update. I am thinking the 2 new parts go to the second oven to buy and build. Or you can skip that and just purchase for gems. That way everyone can participate in the goal. I don't like this new layout but I like doing goals

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    How to get these new goal for Restaurant Story 17 Aug 2016 in android phone, do I new to download any new version from Apps Store?

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    I'm upset about it. Cause the oven costs 25 gems for each oven. I think this is for iPhone only. And it's not all that great of a update neither. It's not fair and I think of stop playing this game.

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    You don't have to buy the gem ovens. You can just buy the ovens for coins.

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    I'm using an Android tablet and the update showed up without my having to do anything.

    Looks like S8 has changed the formatting. There are sonic versions of the goal ovens which is nice, I guess. I've never used them.

    I bought two of the first oven and they both came fully assembled... awesome! Nice touch, S8!

    My neighbors are sending parts (glass sheets and stainless steel screws). My guess is those go to the second appliance.

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