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Thread: Restaurant Update August 17 2016

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    Restaurant Update August 17 2016

    Goal Thread


    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    The Food Lab Oven does not need to be assembled, but other Goals in this update will require the new parts for another appliance.

    You always knew you made nuclear food. Time to show your Customers all the exciting experiments on food that you?ve made. Get ready to exhibit the Elemental Escargot in Restaurant Story!
    Show and tell with:

    • Lab Table Y table
    • Food Lab oven
    • Rainbow Veggie Garden decoration

    Diners Box 50% off

    50's Diner Box

    Common (4th Prize, 54%)
    Vintage Soda Machine
    Popcorn Cart
    Retro Gumball Machine
    Vintage Jukebox

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%)
    Rock & Roll King
    Retro Couch

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%)
    Greaser Car
    Jock Car

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%)
    Bowling Alley

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    Looks like goals... the rainbow garden looks great, but to be honest, I'm pretty disappointed that these are the goals for August. I was really hoping Storm8 would do something related to the Olympics this month, as it's a major worldwide event. Clearly, it's been featured in other games, like RS2 and BS2, but it feels like Restaurant Story was just forgotten in the midst. If possible, I'd still love to see an Olympics sale of previous items.

    What disappoints me more is the apparent lack of creativity with this update. The tables, chairs, and even the counters are near-identical to the ones we got last week, and the whole theme in general seems the second half of last week's theme. Furthermore, neither update seems particularly restaurant-related; even though molecular gastronomy (which I'm guessing this theme is supposed to represent) is up-and-coming in the culinary industry, most gastropubs have an industrial-chic setting. This update feels more like a sterile chemistry lab or hospital setting

    Also, considering recent pricing trends for goal updates, I'm anticipating that we'll be required to buy 20+ tiles and 16 wallpaper panels, costing a total sum upwards of 200,000 coins, just to start the goals, for a final goal prize that will likely cost 70 gems. That's certainly not very appealing

    I just... I don't even know anymore. I've had fun playing this game, but it's losing its spark for me, and the recent updates and pricing policies aren't helping any. If anyone from Storm8 is reading this, please look at the Theme Suggestions and Re-Release Request threads. There's a very disparate notion between what players want and what the game's developers are providing in this game.
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    the table/chairs are the same as last week with the colors reversed. like the herb garden, end prize decor is nice.

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    Its all very garishly colored.

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    I do agree with Pixie tables,chairs, and counters look same from last week
    But I do like the final prize from what looks like will be goal, it's 4x4 goes great for Halloween mad scientist theme

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    I kinda like this, could go with a futuristic theme...which there are items in the store, and I think a box too. I might be doing a futuristic theme with this update.
    I really like the garden.

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    Yes, an Olympic theme would have been nice, but I think it's fun. Could definitely go futuristic. I might have to pull out my food replicator.
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    The drink lab can work for HW, I do like the garden colors though. Vibrant!

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    I'm glad the goal prize is bigger, but I don't care for the theme this week or last week at all. Will participate for the gems, but I hope I don't have to spend too many coins on the rest of the decor that will go right into storage.

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    A vegetable garden mixed with scientist stuff? Obviously they are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Heck why not throw some Christmas stuff in there I could use some more of it.

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