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Thread: Cluttered game screen (possibly leading to crashes)

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    Cluttered game screen (possibly leading to crashes)

    Right now there are 5 different promotional pop-ups on my Bubble Mania game screen.

    - The new puzzle competition thing

    - The sale on gems

    - A second pop-up for the sale on gems

    - The watch and earn feature

    - The "Create your own farm" game (although it's sometimes a pirate game, I think)

    This is in addition to the 5-6 usual icons and extras. This makes the game load VERY slowly, it makes navigating the islands extremely difficult, and I think it makes the game crash. I have lost several turns because the game just crashes in the middle. This is not a fun experience. Please investigate and remedy! Thanks!

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    I concur with the previous comment. I recently upgraded to the latest version after not having upgraded for a long time. The game is now slow and sluggish, and crashes from time to time. It had never done that on me previously. I regret upgrading, and if there was a way to downgrade back to the version I was playing before, I would gladly do that.

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