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Thread: Dream City: Speculate on Upcoming Updates, Goals & Events

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on fully expanded your city! Great job!

    I don't have news on new items for now. As seen in other games, it's normal for them to slow down releasing new items for players to catch up before they release again. Will post as soon as I've more news.

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    I hope they bring back the Halloween events this year
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    Dream City developers eaten by zombies?

    Hello, Storm8 folks!

    Has Dream City been abandoned? There's been no new events, the Regal Cinema has never been activated, no new goals, no land expansion. What's going on with this game?

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    for some reason they totally quit updating this game about 3-4 months after releasing it ...... its been almost 3 years......... there was supposed to be a huge event for Xmas but other than a quick "coming soon teaser " nothing ever arrived

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