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Thread: Dragon Story: August 2016

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    Aug 2016
    Got a real shot at finishing this Tales event, but I'm going to need Donation help... lv 81, check in at multiple points throughout the day and respond as fast as I can to any material request! (Visit on occasion too, but not regularly nor do I really mind if you visit or not!)

    ID: DocPaine

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    Hi, my ID is queenjuicypie. LVL 110, island of Volure. I am looking for consistent neighbors to fill daily requests for maps and also events. I cannot visit often but I do fill all requests daily. My secondary ID is Volore (LVL 91). I also play RS, CS, and BS.

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    Mar 2014
    I'd: Kerisa76

    Looking for help, especially with the dragon tales

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    Add me: boerenkees

    I'm level 117 and I play every day

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    Let's be friends

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