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Thread: Boardwalk Rewards

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    Boardwalk Rewards

    I'd like to offer some feedback about the Boardwalk part of the game.
    To me, the boardwalk is my favourite part of the game. It is great to have an area that involves strategy and planning. Even with a lot of planning, it takes several hours to complete, even if starting well in advance of when it is available. It is really good that you display what is coming up for the next Boardwalk order.
    The problem I have with it is the reward system. I really like getting the tickets to build landmarks, but having a balloon pop with nothing in it, is extremely disappointing. The amount of work that is put into fulfilling boardwalk orders should have an equal remuneration. I really think you should scrap balloons that have nothing in them. That might sound as though I just want one part of the game being easy, but that's not it at all. I love having a challenge, but if you get no reward from completing something that can be very difficult, it completely spoils all the effort.

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    As an update on the above post...
    I have stopped doing the Boardwalk orders every day now, as it was just too much work for not enough return. It is very frustrating to spend hours trying to complete it, only to get 2 tickets.
    Can you please look into tweaking the rewards system

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