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Thread: Bakery Story: August 2016

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    Bakery Story: August 2016

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

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    Please add me! ivanbraginski999

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    Took a few months off and had to delete a ton of my neighbors because they were inactive.

    My style is that I am more into gifting than tips. I play daily and gift basic parts when not in goals and goal parts during goals. I'm pretty fast with answering materials requests, too. I will go and tip when I am in the mood, but not daily. Go ahead and add me if that sounds like your style, too!

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    I also play Castle Story

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    mewgyareeya00 pls,I need neighbors

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    Add me

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    Added everyone posting before me Please add me LucyFayeHorton regular gifts and visits!

    I also play Restaurant, Pet Shop, Club & Fashion

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    Looking for nbrs who gift parts and answer requests. I prefer level 50 and higher, fon't care about tipping. I gift parts daily and answer all requests. I DON'T tip. ID: HappyHeartFLA
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