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Thread: Daily gem videos

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    I always watch the ad on my iPad because I'm android user(phone).But sometime after watching lots of videos,the gems doesn't increase.It decrease after I finished watching those bunch of videos.I ended up just earn maybe 1 or 2 sometimes.But it does earn lots previously.Lots of unexplained bugs in this game.Seriously don't know why the company didn't fix it for better game experience.

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    Ads for gems do not work for andriod users. If you have purchased gems at some point in your bakery, the option to watch ads is gone forever. Most people who do get the option are able to watch for 10 gems everyday, but others may be less. It just depends, really. This is from my personal experience.
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    Hola hace mucho no me aparece los videos para las gemas diarias que puedo hacer

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