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Thread: Daily gem videos

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    I think it's not difficult to give all players the option free gem videos. But what i've seen that the players that spent money on the game lose the option. With me it happened in fs and bs. Play since 2012. Stopped a while because they took my free gem videos away. I will never spent one more ? on my games because of this.
    Without the videos the players have to buy gems for the nice stuff. And i think they only want that players spent money.

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    How many threads are there about the gem? I agree the only way to get nice stuff is by gem?! To master the recipe when cooking? It takes WAY TOO LONG? at least on my account it is? Or I would see that I reached it but got nothing meaning no gem? There has to be a better way to receive gems, something more practical, realistic, that doesn't draw the life out of you while waiting to reach that master lol!!

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    No More Video Ads for Gems

    I am curious why my gem videos stopped after I made a purchase (it has been like that all year). This seems kind of counterintuitive and has actually made me way more hesitant to buy any additional gems. I know that this has been posted about before but I was hoping that someone at the company could help (since we are no longer able to contact any one with issues). I have updated the app and now I can't even speed recipes up anymore. Very frustrating. Thanks!

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    The same is happening to me, I can?t see the videos. I hope appears again, if you have any information would be nice. My user name Estefania727

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    Still waiting also. Have not properly played in weeks and will not play again until I have the ability to earn gems.

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    i used to get 10 gems a day consistently for almost a year, and i still see the free gems icon, but the videos never load. can anyone help with this?

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    For me, it stopped appearing right after I decided to actually pay money for some gems, which quickly convinced me to never spend a dime again if they're going to act like that. Oh well, still playable without gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethan131 View Post
    I am stuck on my video where it is not allowing me to receive any Gems! It's very upsetting. I hope they fix us soon!
    This is same with me, Ethan. Did the storm8 has fixed this? I'm sorry this thread is up again because this issues is happen to me

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    ^ i get that issue with my android device EVERY TIME, but get zero glitches on iOS.

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    Where?s my free gems

    WHy There is No ads in my bakery pls help me. I try alot tO find information

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