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Thread: Castle Story: 7/21 | An Orchestrated Occasion | timed event | EXPIRED

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    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    The timer on the Musical Maintenance Goals were incorrect, so it has been fixed and increased by a day for those who will be playing the event until the 4th.

    If you have questions about the outage, please write to
    I did not receive any extension for my loss of game access time. I wrote an email to the address you linked but received no help on this issue, just "passing on" the request. Now how am I supposed to get this resolved when the event has ended? I feel that storm8 support team has some personal issue with me because they have never helped me at all. Always,"..sorry, nothing we can do." So close to finishing but no one loves me... 

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    Castle Story "Tome of Knowledge", visit for: Interactive Map, Inventory Cards, Detailed Inventory, and more...

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