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Thread: Farm Story 2: July/August/September 2016

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    Farm Story 2: July/August/September 2016

    Warmest welcome to Farm Story 2!

    Looking for active neighbours?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

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    Farm Supplier
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    Jun 2016
    ID: Citrie

    Newish to FS2. I play other games as well!

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    Jun 2014
    Please add me ID: tjm112

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    Please add me! ivanbraginski999

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    Please add me. Daily player, ID: asobuazzuro

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    Please add raynedropfalls. Thanks!

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    ID: technicianmark, I am in the game almost all the time that I am awake, I visit constantly if I can find a link to use, neighbor's links are always available.

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    Please add me, looking for people who actively sell things

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    Apr 2013
    Please add me! My ID is : mamakittys

    I play restaurant story and bakery as well. Daily active player <3

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    Sep 2016
    hi i'm new to the game add me please to be neighbors

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