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Thread: Idea for Spin-To-Win Wheel

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    Idea for Spin-To-Win Wheel

    On the Wheel, we know there will be coins, apples, decor, sometimes a bit of gold, and some Dragons.

    Rather than having the dragons on separate spots, could there be just one or two spots... for "Pick a Dragon" & if we get lucky to land there, a box opens where we can pick which one of the dragons we wold like?

    This may entice some of us more to buy extra spins & we would be able to hopefully get the dragon we want rather than duplicates.


    p.s. ... & obviously more apples & gold ... less decor! :P

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    There's also maps, which is what I usually get from wheels, that should be taken away since we can easily get maps from our neighbors
    625 unique dragons
    - 9/9 Prime dragons
    - 5 Demolition dragons
    - 12/13 Gold producing dragons
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    Oooh! Pick your dragon! LOVE IT!!!

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