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Thread: Castle Story: July 2016

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Oct 2014
    Hay... i'm kinda stuck with the invite neighbor requestt. My phone do not allow me to paste any user id so i cannot add people. Please anyone can add me? My id is Irma_isle. Many thanks before...

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    Please, add me! My ID is Dragojane .

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    Please Add me!
    My ID is binpappy1234.
    I also play dragon story.

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    Please add me, I play daily! Name is BewareAlbatross.

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    Hello! Please add me. My ID is LadyStardust87

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    ID TanteiHaru
    World Haru no Kuni

    Starting over again and needing neighbors!

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jul 2015
    The Netherlands
    < my ID

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    please add cpickles98 on dragonstory as well.

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    May 2016
    Please add me ID ilze99

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    Hello, Playing again after a long break and found that my old neighbors are mostly gone. I'd love to have some new active neighbors. I don't expect you to visit but I do respond daily to requests and would like neighbors that also play daily in case I have requests also.

    Pls add Mudturtledove

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