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Thread: The Farmers' Market - Jun 16, 2016 (iOS)

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    The Farmers' Market - Jun 16, 2016 (iOS)

    The Farmers' Market - permanent new feature
    More information in The Farmers' Market in Farm Activities and Features Guide.

    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    Update: Kitchen and Windmill Boosts

    Confirmed that it is a coin deduction and the price is to clear the flag off our farms. The team has changed it from 500 coins to 1 coin instead. Sorry for the confusion.
    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    1. We are now able to buy more hickory trees without restarting the game
    2. Kitchen and Windmill boosts strength have increased - the crafting times are reduced to 50% instead of previous 20%.
    Please update your Farm 2 app to version 2.5 for this Farmers Market feature.
    The Spin to Win is now available in the game. See Spin To Win thread for discussion.

    Getting Started
    1. Repair the Farmers' Market
    2. Fill the Delivery Truck's special orders
    3. Earn cowbells for exclusive prizes

    Goal 1 of 2 - The Farmers' Market
    Repair the Farmers' Market
    Fill a Delivery Truck Order
    REWARDS: 30 coins, 1 bronze cowbell, 12 xps

    Goal 2 of 2 - Keep on Truckin'
    Fill an entire Delivery Truck's Orders
    REWARDS: 30 coins, 1 bronze cowbell, 12 xps

    One Person's Trash...
    Buy a Salvage Yard x1
    REWARDS: 30 coins, 1 bronze cowbell, 12 xps

    How to Play?
    See The Farmers' Market in Farm Activities and Features Guide on how to play.

    New item
    - Hickory Tree (level 7)
    - Salvage Yard

    Cowbell Prizes
    - Kitchen boost (level 7)
    - Windmill boost (level 7)
    - Long Horned Goat (level 60)
    - Smokehouse (level 7)
    - Brown Corgi Puppy (level 15)
    - Siamese Kitten (level 16)
    - Golden Lure

    Thanks to bss0226 and friend for this info.
    Quote Originally Posted by bss0226 View Post
    Expansion of smokehouse information

    It's done a little differently than usual in the smokehouse. In order to make the next item you need either bronze or silver to unlock the item.
    Smoked tomatoes
    2 tomatoes 1 hickory
    No cowbell needed to open the first one

    Smoked cheese
    2 cheese 1 hickory
    1 bronze

    Smoked bacon
    2 bacon 1 hickory
    2 bronze

    Smoked salmon
    1 salmon 1 hickory
    1 silver

    Smoked peanuts
    2 peanuts 1 hickory
    2 silver
    All items take 1 hour to make

    Repair: 1 brick, 1 paint, 2 wood planks

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The UnOfficial Goals - Who has the Tallest Order or The Titanic Truck?

    Please help to include the following captions at the top of your post to submit your entry. Thank you.
    The Tallest Order - quantity and craft name
    The Titanic Truck - total quantity
    The Tallest Order
    Just for fun, here is the unofficial Goal ("The Tallest Order") to see who has the highest quantity of barn item for a single truck order. The top 10 winners get to be in the Hall of Fame in this post and consolation prizes for everyone are fun and laughter!

    Hall of Fame
    1. jmterao / bss0226 / gerrywerry / Rynetory2 / judyandthecat / syncler78 / driver1711 / 1946Jenny - 63 milk
    2. tuffyjkitten / sheepishjaina - 57 milk
    3. sweetbama205 - 56 biscuits
    4. rhiannydd892 - 51 milk
    5. SallyCat60 - 48 biscuits
    6. otgland / WSEagles - 37 flour
    7. queens15 - 33 biscuits
    8. WINDHAMHILLS - 28 flour
    9. PookieBear50 / SannieVanDiePlaas / divinekakan - 21 iron; ghjvcucjb - 21 white truffles

    The Titanic Truck!
    Just to see how outrageous it can get, here's the 2nd unofficial goal to see whose truck asks for the most barn items in a full truck. The top 3 winners get to be in the Hall of Fame.

    Hall of Fame
    1. judyandthecat - 179 items
    2. Rynetory2 - 169 items
    3. 1946Jenny - 165 items

    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    179 items

    Quote Originally Posted by rynetory2 View Post
    169 items

    Quote Originally Posted by 1946Jenny View Post
    165 items
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    The Unsung Heroes - Special dedication

    Dedicating this Hall of Valour to our unsung heroes amongst the community! Despite the challenges of The Farmers' Market feature and against all odds of not getting any gold cowbells, they bravely persisted on their journey to get their gold cowbell! Let's cheer them on. Good luck guys, keep going and dont give up.

    Hall of Valour
    1. blubingo - 70+ trucks
    2. aroara
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    The Farmers' Market

    Yeah...looks like another hot air balloon where 6 items are requested per truck in exchange for 'cowbells' (bronze, silver and gold). The first truck delivery seems to be the same for everyone then the 'orders' change from the second delivery onwards...truck returns every 4 hours. Once you have collected enough "bells" then you can 'exchange' them at the cowbell exchange.
    Enjoy everyone...
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    UHm when does the Spin to wheel start! And how the smokehouse works? don't understand much about it. I feel so greatful because this is such a exclusive update that I really love!
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    DS:122 Neighbors required!! ADD BAKERYSTOE as well)

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    I am excited to see new features for the Game!! Thanks for sharing the info!

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    New items in the market! I take it hickory trees are for the smoker? Looks very interesting. Will this be a permanent feature? Really hope so. I like the idea of buying with bells ����

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    Can android do this?

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    Oh man, I am really hoping this is for droid looks amazing!

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    So please explain the hickory trees... You can buy 5. They get cut down with 10 saws. You can't plant more hickory trees after harvesting... Presuming we need the wood for the smokehouse, do we only need them once?

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